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Aug 31, 2005
Yes, there have been tons of these types of topics all over the internet, but this one is slightly different.

Folks, it's a strange time for me. I thought I'd never say this, but my interest in video games is waning more and more each day. I find that I'd rather blow the $60+ on illicit substances and condoms for drunk sex than buy the new "it" title. Is it a phase? Yes, probably. Will my interest in gaming ever reach the same level that it has been since I was 5 years old? I doubt it. I even have fleeting moments where I contemplate selling my entire collection. Well, financially times are tough for me, so I think that's the sole reason...but the sad fact is that I just don't care for this hobby as I once did.

With a somewhat heavy heart, I've even decided NOT to renew my subscription to Game Informer magazine, something I've received since ~1999. It expires in February. The latest issue (their 200th) has a top 200 list of the greatest games of all time.

Now, I've seen tons of these lists, and I don't hold any major credence to their selections....however, something like this actually gets you thinking. I've thought for a while what I consider to me my favorite game and franchise of all time, but only in a situation like this do you actually make a real choice.

I'm sure I'll get thrown some harsh words for my game choice, but whatever. Keep in mind that a game needs both a story AND gameplay to be considered great. Games like Super Mario and Zelda are certainly timeless and wonderful titles, but there's a lack of depth that I've come to appreciate. I don't think some of the younger gamers will understand, but then again, I didn't feel this way 4 years ago.

With my ranting out of the way, I'll get to my point. After much consideration and reviewing of the top game list (because there are always titles we forget about), I've come to a conclusion. My favorite series of all time is Metal Gear Solid. My favorite game (brace yourselves)....Metal Gear Solid 2. I cannot explain my irrationality. All I know is, that is one game I would play over and over. I love the MGS series so much that I almost get a tear in my eye when I talk about it with people who haven't experienced it. The story is easily the most confusing and wonderfully detailed in all of gaming. Close second is Half Life 2, probably my second favorite game of all time.

So then, I ask of you: what would you select? Please don't throw something down just for the sake of answering. I've done that too many times with replies like "GTA is the best". GTA is great, but there's a lack of a compelling story. Games can be fun and addictive without you feeling fully immersed in them. Without you caring about the characters.

Perhaps it's the situation I find myself in that's allowing me to really think about this? I don't know.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving. I think I've made it obvious I won't be leaving here for good. I joke about the idiots on this site that make it unbearable...but the fact is, I just don't care about gaming a I once did. That's the real reason.

Thanks for the memories, GP32X. I look forward to some thought-out replies.

- dcgm
Earthworm Jim, AoE (Age of Empires), Rayman, and a few others.
Crazy Climber, and its madly colorful sequel, Crazy Climber 2. I fucking *CARE* for that guy man, having to straddle a monstrous skyscraper in the middle of a crazy metropolis, no matter how hard he wants to, never being able to join those wonderful semi-clothed ladies in the window, always having to strive to climb higher .. and higher .. and higher .. and don't get me started on those fucking monkeys, just sitting there practicing their kung-fu like its no big thing .. or what about those total idiots who live in a multi-story building but *never* and I mean *never* tie their godamn pot plants down, so they're all "oh, I'm a pot plant, I have to fall, its all I can do in life", just a little wind .. sheesh .. dumbells? Out the window? Why the hell not, I mean, its not like the wind will blow them around to fall on the head of some nycra-clad hippy doing his best to join his millionaire friend in a helicopter that only seems capable of landing on the very *top* of the building. And those eggs? And birds? Fuck 'em. They can go shit somewhere else.

Okay, I admit, its just another game that gives me an excuse to hold two joysticks and not have to practice any clit-button bashing maneuvers.

Oh, and Robotron. Fucking love that shit.
Master of orion series and Ultima series. I really like of (vertical/horizontal) shooters, but the 'series' idea doesn't translate that well. Oh yeah, Civilization series of course! Maybe add final fantasy in there too, it's not that good, but at least I've bothered to play more than a few of them.
lol the point is to pick one....like I said, there are tons of franchises that I love to death, but only MGS gives me that special feeling that I don't want to live without.

And I guess it was too much to expect a normal reply from poisonedfaggot.
GTA lacks a compelling story?! I don't think so! Not since Vice City at least. I play the series mostly for story and atmosphere.

My favourite game of all time is still Outcast. Doesn't look like that will ever be changing... It was beautiful, alive, epic. It has a fantastic story and an immersive game world on a level that is only lately becoming more common. I'm still heartbroken that the sequel was cancelled and I still hope that there will be another Outcast game some day, whether it's the homebrew project OpenOutcast or maybe an official sequel.

Recent games I've loved are Mirror's Edge and Fallout 3. Not much else on the mainstream market that interests me, though.
Come on man, GTA has really superficial stories...An immigrant making a name for himself through crime? The San Andreas story was CJ getting a better life for himself and his family, or something.

Compare those to the likes of Half Life and MGS. We're talking movie scripts, basically.
I liked the story in GTA VC and GTA 4 but thought that the GTA SA story was absolutely terrible. The GTA games are often redeemed by the variety in what there is to do in them though.
The Final Fantasy franchise, More specifically, Final fantasy 7, I find the story/plot very detailed and very engrossing. Which brings the player extremely close to the characters, So much so, You actually start to care about them, Or hate them, As the case maybe. I also prefer the battle system in number 7 (Number 9 is apparently similar) rather than the later ones. If it is in fact true about 9`s battle system, It`s definitely going to be the next on my list, Once i`ve finished 7.

Btw PoisonedV, Keep up this unnecessary trolling and you may win yourself a free short holiday.

daclassicgamingmaster said:
Come on man, GTA has really superficial stories...An immigrant making a name for himself through crime? The San Andreas story was CJ getting a better life for himself and his family, or something.

Compare those to the likes of Half Life and MGS. We're talking movie scripts, basically.
Um, what?! I only know Half Life 1 through Freeman's Mind but I tried to play Half Life 2. The story sucked quite a bit. It was boring, linear and had no interesting characters. The Scifi is also very lame and average. Also, most of the time, there was no story. I had pretty much the same impression of Half Life 1 in Freeman's Mind, which is mostly brilliant because of the narration. I do admit that it has great level design, but the story seems rather minimal.

GTA doesn't have the most creative story ever made up or something. In fact, the stories feature lots of parody of well known movies etc. so they cannot be too original. However, every GTA game since at least Vice has had great characters, a somewhat chaotic but also rather complex plot and lots of humor. Especially in GTA IV, it's amazing how the story is woven into the game world. The three connecting stories are also well done, and the closer you look, the more references you can catch. It's a huge story, with more content than a movie, because it has to bring a whole city alive. That isn't done as well in any other game I know, except maybe Outcast, which manages the same for a whole alien world.

I haven't started playing the MGS series, yet, but from what I heard, it must be absolutely epic. Some day I'll find the time (and the emulator).
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If I had to pick one, I'd say Commander Keen. It probably had the greatest impact on me. Plus, they're fantastic games (the ones for PC, anyway) that for some reason aren't that well-known compared to console franchises. Maybe because the company that holds the rights to them abandoned them. But fans are still making really nice sequels to this day.

BaDToaD said:
Quake. The mods for quake one alone could keep you gaming into your 80s LOL
aha that's definitely true. I've always wanted to love quake but I get some brutal motion sickness :(. LOL I remember playing Portal and suffering the worst I've ever suffered in my life with nausea from gaming...but still loving the shit out of the gameplay.

Sometimes I wonder about myself :unsure:
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Either it's a problem for you or it isn't. IIRC Japanese people generally have more problems with motion sickness caused by 3D games, that's why first person shooters don't do as well over there.