Will Gp32 Suceed In Europe

Advance Wars being a remake isn't a widely known fact.

I dont think it will ever take down the king of original handheld games (GBA) but that dosent mean it cant make a place for itself. The GBA might have emulators but the ability to make your own games is limited because ofhow much "advanced" programing you'd have to muster suposedly. The GP should come off as a lot more "small developer friendly".

If they do get the games to start releasing for the euro launch it could make a little better name for itself than the NGP but Virgin would have to help with ads.
If Virgin were to back it and not just stock it I think it may be possible. But there is a mass problem, missinterpretation. I am only 16, and my uncle came round with his kids (SPOILT!!!) they saw my GP32 and want one, but they are only 11 and 8 and know nothing about technology, they didnt even realise that Nintendo made the Gamecube, despite the fact they own both a GBA and a GC. If the GP32 is marketed wrongly there might be several parents buying them for their kids, then realising they are pretty useless unless you are wise in the ways of the gamig world. They will then take them back whoch is a pain in the arse, trust me I work in a shop that sells electronics.
setting the record straight...

Advance Wars is not a remake, it's a sequel. If you've played ony of the past games in the series you'll note their similarities, they are obviosuly from the same rough source engine but the way it plays is DEFINITELY a marked difference from the older iterations. (Enough so that when I loaded up older versions, I considered them pretty unplayable compared to the expereicne offered by the new series)

Also, interestingly, Advance Wars is the first iteration available in the West - all the previous ones were Japan-only. And stranger still, it doesn't seem that there was a release of AW (1 or 2) for the Japan audience, what do you make of that...

fire emblem, a "sister game" of sorts, had been around for ages likewise, but only for Japanese systems.. we got our first release for GBA a few months ago (they've already got 2 for Japanese GBA)

whatever, though.. looking forward to see how the GP32 port turns out..
I hated Advanced wars, it was bland and boring with bad graphics (imo). I hated most of the non remakes on the GBA, they were targeting a much younger crowd (maybe 14-18ish). Its full of crap like Spyro, Donald Duck, Lego Racers, M&Ms, Pitfall, Rayman, Dexter's Laboratoy, ET, and badly done THPS games. With the occasional good game like the metriods and castlevainas. And then of course, the remakes, which usually were worse then the originals, not just because of the smaller screen, but controler limitations as well, like Contra Advance, you are limited to one weapon at a time rather than 2 you can switch between, etc...

With the remakes the system becomes worth buying, but without them, nintendo wouldnt have sold that many GBA's, thus the reason they keep making them, people want snes remakes.
This is quite different from the GC/X-BOX/DC scene where people have been buying games that are good,

i think nearly anythinkg you said i wright, but xbox scene? i would mean xbox user are more gta, fifa, or shooter player then ps2... ps2 has some really good RPGs for Example.. but what has he xbox... halo... brute force.. yager.... shooter, racing, sport...
I just tested BD SFW out and i wouldnt call it a remake, the maps are different, the generals are different, theres no story mode... if anything it IS a sequel.

Actually I'm likeing regular super famicom wars a lot more than the BS version because its closer to what I expect froma "wars" title.
Yeah the PS2 has good RPGs, but who buys them, only the hardcore palyers. I was @ Gamestation and they had a set of games for a tenner, my m8 (a ps2 owner) decided to get one, he chose Bloodrayne even though they had Maximo, Kingdom Hearts, ZOE and Timesplitters 2. Its coz Bloodrayne was on the TV and the "Footage looked nice" Even though the footage in question was actually FMV and not ingame.

And upon further inspection you are quite right Super Famicom wars is different, not as fun as Advanced Wars but that good be coz my Japanese isnt as good as my English, ahh well ,the GB mono version were pretty poor tho
in regards to the European launch, the only way Gamepark is going to make money is to release their system elsewhere, there's only so many people in Korea that will buy one. Once Koreans aren't interested anymore, what do you do then, go somewhere else. Granted, the commercial games are crappy, but it looks like there are some really nice ones in developement now, personaly i hope that Blue Angelo, Wanna be Wizard, and PrincessBrave all get released, and all released in English, plus if they translate ASR in English, that game alone could probably sell systems, I know i've bought a system just for one game, my neo geo pocket for Capcom vs SNK MOTM.

Basically all i'm saying is Gamepark has to do something, they are going to go broke either way, so they might as well take a shot in Europe, even the most skilled investors started out making radical decisions, you have to take risks to make money.
What if the GP32 community tried to advertise it...?
becuz its hard for GP to advertise emullation..

people could make random sites with lotsa keywords with links to GP32 sites..
then making lots more sites linking to those sites..
....or something like that.
google bombs are less annoying really, just link them to either gamepark, lik-sang's GP32 section, or gp32x... so searches for thoes actually bring up thoes sites :D
Not some lame ass stuff i see searching for wares, they getting tricky on thoes keywords at the bottom of the pages now