How Long Is Reasonably Long?

patience is a virtue


So far I think I've heard everything from Jan to May on various devices. And who knows what will be delayed.

Personally I don't think OP can sell even 100'000 units, half of that would be great. There's a lot of things that could affect sales. A lot of people buy smartphones and they are unlikely to also buy a Pandora. A lot of people buy netbooks because they have full size keyboards and a screen that is big enough to do office stuff on, the Pandora will be too small for many. The big question is how many would be interested in a Pandora if they knew it existed.

With a more powerful Pandora maybe you could have a docking station a home connected to your charger, monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse. So when you're at home you just put your Pandora into the dock and you have a full desktop experience.
Well the idea of cancelling is a choice for each individual. I'm sure some cutomers cancelled after christmas of 2008 once the bank problems happened, I know several members wouldn't trust sending cash, so I'm sure hundreds where dropped right there! Over the last year more have gotten refunds due to financial problems, or just needing there money for other tangible products. Some just got tired of waiting!

I'm personally in for the long haul. Am I happy with the current delays, and often times lack of communication, "@#$% NO!" But this project is one of a kind, and although nobody is happy with the last year of delays, I don't think many can claim there has been no progress made. Any logical person can see how much progress has been made, and how much better things look now, compared to a year ago. The cases look great, and the hinge seems to function perfectly! N64 emulation was just a thought a year ago, and now not only do we have a working emulator, but it seems to be running damn good(certain games).

I've seen many game consoles, and big name games delayed for many reasons over the years(some given, some not)! So to think a small company like this wouldn't face problems, and some delays is crazy! This project grew out of a need that many in this community saw, and felt it could be done better than what was currently available. It was also created and grew during a global economic crisis! I personally have seen hundreds of businesses go under just in my area in the last 2 years. So unless I see some other comparable product being delivered some time soon, I will wait as long as it takes. I just won't always be happy about it though! ;)

Even thought I've been really fustrated about the progress lately, I couldn't get a refund because it would feel like all the time I wasted at the forums would have been for nothing as well as the fustration. Also I purchased the Pandora when the Australian currency was really low but now that its high, I'd be losing alot of money.
As much as it seems the team is trying to get everything perfect first time round, it would be a minor miracle if it actually happened that way. There haven't been many products in history that couldn't be improved after the public actually got their hands on them. A few thousand people using them will be different to the handful that have tested them so far. I actually think there's a good case for waiting till the second batch if you have the patience.
The only thing that bothers me is that my excitement hasn't waned at all. It's been extremely difficult for the past few weeks, especially with the MP cases and the "they might be done by Christmas!" kinda stuff. By now, I'm in it till the end though.
The rate we're going, it wouldn't surprise me if the second batch will end up being the Pandora2 with the cortexA9. I seem to recall it being mentioned that there is an obscenely long wait time before they can order more of a certain part for batch 2 (the chipsets?), and considering some companies are already showing off A9 products at CES, its no longer "too far in the future" like it was back when we thought the P would ship last year.
So funny that people are already dissapointed with the pandora performance without even trying let alone the newer chips. why cant you just be happy with what you get now. Its like kids getting a RC car and next month there is a newer version and the old one is all of a sudden crap. But the month before it was absolutly awesome, the car didnt change a bit!

I thought this being a retro community one could understand that the best does not always equals the fastest around.
Well it was sold/marketed as the most powerful hand held console. ;)
So when people haven't got it to play with and they see what's just around the corner it's understandable.
Don't think that means their still not Pandorites :lol:
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On topic 1:

On topic 2: It is pretty easy to determine when you should cancel your order. The day that something better appears in the market. Until now it hasn't, so I'll wait. But who knows, maybe tomorrow....
I, for one, would be quite happy at this point for them just to ship me a kit sans case (until they're ready). As long as no soldering is required then I think I'll live. There are so many ./configure ports I want to try, I can't even remember them all.

Videos using the TV-out would be doable, although any serious review of the Pandora would be impossible with just its internals.

As for Reasonably Long? I'm waiting it out indefinitely, even though I could really use the cash toward my wedding.
Bigun said:
I'm thinking about this whole thing as an investment.

If you stay and remain a first batcher, you are helping make headway for a little bit of open source history. Looking over the project, sure some of you knew what you were getting into. Pulling out has never entered my mind once, hell, when my money got refunded I actually was worried that I wouldn't get back in as a first batcher.

My only real worry is if the Pandora will be on my doorstep come May 11th, because I could really use it come my trip to Japan.

Even beyond that, I don't expect miracles. I feel I am a stockholder of this company, and I feel the developers are making real effort and real progress. I hope they sell a million of these when they get finished, and I can be proud I was one of the first to help them get started.

Here! Here!

mali said:
You are just too late, they are gone now ;)
Did they go the same way as Gruso's?

I'm a First-batcher. I'm a Pandora.

How long? Well it's going to be significantly less than you have already waited.
Can't beleive some smart-arse has not said Two Months[sup]tm[/sup]. Oh! I just did. :)

The Pandora is unique and is going to be such a versatile and usable little box. What's not to wait for? Hang in there buddy!

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Heh, I preordered on the first day they were available... first hour really. So, I've been waiting a good while, but I think it'll be worth it. I already have an iphone 3GS so I can tell that the whole thing will be great; and having actual keys to press, and a larger, higher resolution screen will be a great bonus.

I did take a bit of a while to do the re-order, but that was because of some annoying circumstances. :/
They have specifically announced several times, as well as in an email they sent when I inquired about it (i'm gonna wait to order until after it's done. I'm poor right now.) They intend to keep it the same, if at all possible, for a variety of reasons.

1. They don't want to break compatibility between versions.
2. They don't want to go through all of this again!
3. Unchanged designs means much faster delivery time.