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Jan 4, 2011
**************HOMEBREW COMPETITION **************************************************************************

UPDATE: Date has been changed. Submissions will now run until 1st April. Votes will be counted until 8th April.


Total Pot Money = £243.58 AND A PAINTED CASE!!


  1. Homebrew competition focused on platformers
  2. Prize money, prize money will be given to me eg. You post below saying "£5" then PM me for my paypal and then I'll come back here and say "Whats his face, confirmed 5 squids payment via paypal, total pot money is £40". This is not up for discussion. I understand people feeling a bit wary as to giving essentially a stranger your money but try to bare in mind I want to see a load of games on the pandora as much as anyone and a little bit of trust has to be in place in any community otherwise these competitions can never happen. I hope people feel they can trust to this competition and if you don't trust so much as to not want to donate £40...why not just put in £5 or even £1? Then end of Feb when winners have their money and are happy I can do another one and you guys will know I'm not out to steal your cash. Also I am happy for a more senior member on here to play bank manager. I've messaged both Evil Dragon and Gruso.
  3. Competition ends Last day of March.
  4. One vote per user
  5. As a dev you can submit as many games as you like however you can only vote for one
  6. You can vote for your own project
  7. A Minimum of three levels (if the style of gameplay denotes that "levels" aren't needed I will let this go by the by)
  8. The term platformer is deliberately ambiguous however just use your own judgement. We're all seasoned gamers so a game with platforming elements will probably be allowed.
  9. I won't interfere with the project but this is a homebrew competition so I will not qualify ports into this competition. Would like to see some nice new, pandora specific homebrew games
  10. Votes are counted within this thread and can be submitted by anyone
  11. You can release your game on Open Handhelds for eg. then come in here and say "Submission: Final hadouken 3, www.openhandhelds.com/finalhadouken3" and this will be considered your submission
  12. Votes are counted thusly, KingBob Posts "Vote for final hadouken 3". I will ask the Mods on here to check accounts for dupe IP's.
  13. Submissions close on 1/4/2011 at 00:00 gmt. votes will continue to be cast until the 7th marApil ch so ideally devs should aim to submit on the 28th giving them a full month.
  14. Pot gets split 50 percent to the winner, 30 percent to 2nd place and 20 percent to 3rd place.
Good Luck

RichiZ donating £5.

Total Pot Money = £5


I'm not too keen on giving a stranger my money, can we make this official?

  • No, making it official would be great but realistically, do the OP team have time to do it? I don't mean to be rude but the App store needs a helluva lot of work, do they have time to run a competition? I on the other hand, have net at my house, on my phone and at my work meaning I can respond to any queries instantly. Saying that I'm happy for ED or Gruso to play bank manager. I just want to see a bunch of cool games come out for the Panda and for those that have worked hard at it to have a little treat to show that we appreciate their work. Whats more this competition is only running for the next 31 days. I'm sure by then when everyone has received their prize money and at least a lot less sceptical of me then OP can start an official one and if not I'll consider starting a new one maybe as a free for all (depending on how much hassle this one is)

Why is it just a platforming contest?

  • As I've had little experience in running competitions and I like platformers. The competition ends in Feb as that's a fairly short time and at the end I can gauge if it's a success and whether it's worth running another. Platformers can be knocked up in a few weeks by people with reasonable programming experience so we should get a few coming in. The fact the rules are submitting a platformer will also decrease the submissions making the competition a little bit more manageable. The idea is I would maybe be willing to tackle a larger competition (IE.any app, any game, highest votes wins) after I can call doing 1 or 2 competitions a success. By that time also, I will be trusted (as winners will have received all their money end of Feb) and I would feel more comfortable handling larger amounts of cash. So if you do feel you have an awesome app or game, perfect it and consider submitting it when I (provided this goes well) knock up another comp in March :)

But can we do it this way/that way add x/y/z into the competition?

  • This forum might be a democracy but you're in my thread now. If you have an idea worth seriously discussing send me a PM and I'll consider adjusting the competition. There is ALWAYS a better way to do something and no doubt my competition is a long winded arse ache but the truth of the matter is it's better to do a job a long winded way than to sit around discussing it and doing nothing at all.

Ok I guess I'm willing to chuck in a fiver, how do I do it?

  • Again it's not ideal and is a long winded way but here's what you do. You post below Bob30 "submitting £10". You then PM me saying "submitting £10". I'll reply to you with my paypal email address. You'll then transfer £10 to my paypal. I'll then come back onto this thread reply to your original post and say "confirmed". The pot money in this post will then be adjusted accordingly. I will not change the pot money figure until I have received the money into my account.

I'm a dev working on N64 and little bit saddened that my efforts won't be recognised.

[*]Don't be, you release your emulator today and you'll still totally fine to submit it in March's comp which will (providing this goes well)be a free for all for apps/games and ports.

I also think you may have trouble with people willing to donate prize money to a complete stranger on the internet. I'm sure YOU know you're a trustworthy guy, but how does everyone else?(ManlyStump)

  • I know there's no way round it though. What would you propose? (rhetorical)
    I set the competition to a platforming one for pretty much that reason though. I don't expect to get anywhere near the wiz comp(2600 euros i think). At the end of the day I would prefer it if there was a magical receptacle we could all chuck our money in and just KNOW it's gonna go to the winners. Some things though just have to be trusted. Whats more when people pay me via paypal you'll see my full name and address? It's not the best scam so far is it? I'm pretty sure if I was inclined to steal peoples cash, I wouldn't set it to a platforming comp, I wouldnt set it to a way once you've paid even 1 penny you can see my full name and address and more importantly I'd probably be on a PSP forum. (given the millions of psp owners and the what, 1200 people with pandoras?)
    But if 19 people donated a fiver the pot money is £100...so I'd call the competition a success. The winner then get's a nice £50 with 2nd and 3rd getting something little as well and we all get some nice platforming games.
    I know when you first read the post your a bit like "what, this sounds like Obaagadagwindgo off FoneJacker". But when you logically think about it...it's a pretty sh*t way of ripping people off.


wasting time on artwork? Why not ask or browse the large selection available for use?


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Donating £5.

I commend your trust my good sir. I assure you your 5 pounds is in good hands and I hope people aren't too put off chipping a fiver for the greater good to a stranger. Without a little bit of faith and trust the pandora wouldn't even exist. So let's show these bastards how many awesome games we can get in this comp and hopefully it'll be jolly good fun for all involved :)
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Submissions will stop on the 28th feb however votes will continue to be counted and changed until 7th march. This should hopefully allow a full month for devs without them trying to get it in a week early.


******2ND UPDATE**********************************

A few people have shown concerns over he timeline saying it's not long enough I will be contacting people that are planning to participate (if you are going to participate please let me know) and if the majority of devs are NOWHERE near completion in the last week the competition will be extended until last day of March with the same rules applying.
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1 Month for a platformer is not very much imho. Especially since there are no larger holidays or anything smilar which I'm aware of.

Even if more money ends up in the pot, the motivation might not be there for many, seeing how they'd only get a small portion of the collected money. And spending every day of the month on this project, forming up teams etc will mean devoting way too much time to this.

Because at the moment there are surely not enough platformers around on the Pandora, those which already exist will win this.

Just my thoughts. Good look to everyone participating etc.

//Edit: Woops, was going for the other topic () - move please
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Hi Jay

I know it's a relatively short time. The date may be extended by a month. I'll be contacting people I know that are hard at work on their platformers and ask if their game is anywhere near finished in the last week or so...If the majority say they are too far from completion I will add another month on. I think a month will be ok though. Ive seen some great PyGames done in one week competitions.

Please use the othe thread discussing this, to continue the conversation as money and votes are involved..and it'll just get a mess when people are trying to keep track of their money and votes and having to navigate long conversations as well.
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What state do the games need to be in to be accepted? I was thinking about submitting Panjoust since i was already preparing for a new demo release with the new features, and perhaps some more. But there already was an early demo out over half a year ago, and i will continue development after this demo, so not sure if it's eligible.

Also wanted to say i really like the initiative! Everything promoting game development for Pandora is a good thing :)



Edit: Whoops sorry, i usually read better :rolleyes:
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Please find my reply on

And please feel free to ask questions but do it in there (reasons posted above) :)
Donating $40. Not submitting a game or anything, I just want to drive the pot up a little so we can get some real motivation to build a winner. Good luck to everyone. Thanks in advance. I'm sure we'll see some great games!
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