DragonBox OpenSource Coding Competition - Rules (DRAFT!)

I'm not really in favor of giving extra points to Open Source stuff, because then it will not be a clean win when the Open Source entries will dust the floor with the Closed Source entries - people will say "they just won because they're open source, but actually the closed source stuff was better".

I'd still rather have a compo that only allows open source entries (like the original rules said), but if there's a consensus to allow both and "stimulate" open source by having bigger prizes for them, that's OK for me - I would (somewhat reluctantly) participate in that.
Who will be on the jury?

I volunteer for the "Original game" category, but in case you do not want to split the jury on categories I will also be able to judge the others.
I prefer a hybrid vote system, too.

But however, I think a stand-alone jury is still better than only community votes.

I support foxblock as judge.