Release Heboris

That's quite difficult to do, especially as he's using your mp3 and not MIDI music. I guess with an mp3 it might be possible to up the sample rate to speed up the music and raise the pitch at the same time, and that might not be too bad, but I've no idea if the playback lib being used support dynamic setting of the sample rate.

There is 6 mp3, with incresingly faster bpm. So it should get faster and faster. But I'm not sure what/how that change trigger.

Ah, I think I did notice the music change on Master G1 mode one time, after a good few minutes of play. Is it meant to be the same tune at higher BPM, or a different tune? I wasn't paying much attention.

And it may have switched when the tempo of the game dropped back down, as this game tends to do - it goes in phases. So the music change would be associated with the next phase, not the tempo within the phase. But I'll have to play more to figure out what actually does happen.

the sequence of the songs follow this rule:

bgm01.mp3 : MASTER mode Lv0-499
bgm02.mp3 : MASTER mode Lv500-699
bgm03.mp3 : MASTER mode Lv700... And DEVIL mode Lv0-499
bgm04.mp3 : DEVIL mode Lv500-699
bgm05.mp3 : DEVIL mode Lv700-999
bgm06.mp3 : DEVIL mode Lv1000...

dynamic music is obtained from @klapse increasing tempo of the song. The idea is excellent! Until now I had never seen in Heboris. With the song in .midi it is not possible. The bgm.mid file is intended as a generic music for Heboris.
@Mrk: I change line in the code to have rotate sound, but I could just have changed a ini file. If you want to try, on you windows version, open heboris.ini and add, at the end of the file
rotate_snd = 1;
And that should give you rotate sound on Windows too.

The simplest solutions are always the most brilliant ... get there, however, it is not easy. Thanks again @ptitSeb
[doublepost=1459446104][/doublepost]And here's how to make a game in EXAMINATION MODE !!!

1 - select "solo mode"
2 - choose the type of rotation you prefer
3 - place the cursor to "master"
4 - press HOLD twice, but on the second press hold it down and start a game...

earthquake and examination!!!

good luck! xDxDxD

note: with Pandora HOLD is the "Y" key