1. ptitSeb

    Release Billy Frontier

    Here is Billy Frontier, a port to modern OS of a previously Mac Exclusive action game. The game is now opensource (look at its github repo for more detail), and use gl4es for the Pandora port. It's mostly vanilla build, with just the default keymap changed to be more Pandora friendly...
  2. D

    EasyRPG game requests

    Starting a new thread for forum members to request any free RM2K and/or RM2K3 games that they are unable to find online. If any data hoarder has a copy of the requested game, they can help out a fellow Pandora owner. :) Requests can be answered by sending the game by private PM to the requestor...
  3. D

    EasyRPG games

    I'm starting a thread for members to share their favourite games. I'm doing this because, well, quite frankly most RPG Maker games are rubbish (IMHO) But if Pandora owners were to upload their favourite games to this thread, we would all benefit. Fun games recommended by fellow Pandora owners...
  4. FBnil

    Mari^H^H^H^H DMCA Royale! Multi player RACE (browser game)!

    Mario Royale it is now called DMCA Royale The story: The game:
  5. FBnil

    Just a free ZX Spectrum game: M. Jones in search of the lost cow (2016)

    Download link at the end of the author's page (bi-lingual page and game, just choose the English version) There's a donate button at the end of the page, should you like to donate.
  6. LWFlouisa

    How rigid is the roguelike genre?

    It seems like in game design, cross-genre is more the norm than it is in fiction. I dabbled in some roguelike development during the 7DRL section, though the second time the map flowed a little weirdly, and I use numbers based terminal GUIs for certain functions instead of what one might more...
  7. LWFlouisa

    Coming from a fiction writer context,

    What changes will I need to prepare for when switching to writing narratives for games, instead of novels? I used to write fiction that could more easily adapt into a game, but these days I tend to write a bit more about abstract puzzle solving than pure action. I write very near future, almost...
  8. el joker

    Twin Dragons - A brand new game for the NES [ KICKSTARTER ]

    END IN 9 HOURS Twin Dragons is a brand new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Help us bring it on a real cartridge for your console! INTRODUCTION Started in october 2016 and initially meant to be a platformer prototype for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Twin Dragons...
  9. el joker

    Open Source Lugaru HD

    What is Lugaru? Lugaru (pronounced Loo-GAH-roo) is a cross-platform third-person action game. The main character, Turner, is an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reaching...
  10. ptitSeb

    Release GameLV

    Here is GameLV, an OpenSource point'n click Adventure Game. The game use SDL and OpenGL (using gl4es) and runs well on all Pandora model. This is mostly vanilla code, not much to add. History log ========= Build 02 ------------- Faster video (skippable with Space) Attempt to have bigger fonts...
  11. Ted

    Is it possible to run Android emulator on Pyra?

    Is it possible to run Android emulator on Pyra? Or, is there any Android emulator for Debian/Linux? How about the operation experience of these emulators? i.e. play Android games.
  12. rygD

    Portal for Apple II
  13. ptitSeb

    Release Vangers

    Here is Vangers, a mix between Sandbox RPG and Racing games. This game sis from 1998, and is still commercial, only the Engine is opensource. So you need the data from the full game to play it (it can be found on Steam of GoG). If you have the GoG version, the data can be automatically...
  14. ptitSeb

    Release SDL-Ball

    Here is SDL-Ball, an opensource clone of DX-Ball / Megaball This one use glshim, and the Batch mode of it to provide decent framerate. Still, with the EyesCandy on, when a lot of brick explode it can be slow. I advise to turn EyeCandies OFF on CC model (and may be also on Rebirth model). The...
  15. ptitSeb

    Release The Ur-Quan Masters - HD

    Here is yet another Ur Quan Masters PND, this time it's the HD mod. The pnd is huge (more than 800 Mb), as all assests have been redone in HD (pictures, musics...). The game use glshim, and seems to works fine on all Pandora model, without the need of any swapfile. Note that this is a vanilla...
  16. rygD

    Nox Archaist

    "We invite you to explore and participate in our project to develop Nox Archaist, a new RPG for the classic Apple II platform. We are attempting to create a new game that represents an evolution of the classic fantasy CRPG games of the 1980s like Ultima, Bards Tale, and Wizardry. Nox Archaist...
  17. ptitSeb

    Release CuboSphere

    Here is CuboSphere, a clone of Kula World The game use glshim and is quite fast on the Pandora, even on CC model. And here is a video of the gameplay on the Pandora by Ingoreis. It's preconfigured for Pandora (keymap and fullscreen), and it's huge, with more than 400 levels!!! History log...
  18. ptitSeb

    Release MiceAmaze

    Here is MiceAmaze, a clone of ChuChu Rocket. The game use glshim, and can be played with DPad + ABXY or Mouse (nubs/touchscreen). History log ========= Build 01 ------------- Initial build Some Pandora customization (screensize, keymap).
  19. ptitSeb

    Release Vorton

    Here is Vorton, a remake of the CPC Game Highway encounter The game use SDL, and is fullscreen thanks to omapdss driver. Go there for a review of the original CPC version of the game: Note that the game is not 100% finished, only the spanish...
  20. ptitSeb

    Release SoulFu

    Here is Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Unleashed, or SoulFu. The game is pre-configured for the Pandora (so minimum details and keymap for Pandora), but everything can be configured in-game. Gigahertz model can use all details, but it's a bit slow. All the sources are inside the PND...