Family Guy Quotes

How about the one where Aunt Margarite dies and Peter discovers she left Lois her fortune?

Peter (speaking fast): Come on, big bucks, big bucks, no wammy, no wammy, STOP!
Trisha: Well, Tom, the eggs being dropped behind me are not chicken eggs but rather the eggs of the endangered California condor.
Lois: Oh my God. He's gonna wipe that species off the face of the earth!
Peter: No, the janitor will do that.
Meg: Does dad have a job yet?

Louis: Meg honey your dads going between jobs right now.

(pulls up to corner and sees peter dressed as a hooker)

Louis: Oh My God

Peter: You lookin for a good time sailor?

Louis: Peter You get in this car right now!

Peter: Ok but its gonna cost ya whatya want a cleavelend steamer

Louis: Peter i a....what the hells a cleavelend steamer?

(cop car rolls by)

Peter: Ya so ah you take a left you want a party or what


(peter goes in the back sitting next to stewie and meg)

(stewie looks to peter...then meg.....then peter....then meg....then peter...then meg)

Stewie:(talking to meg) eerie isn' looking into the future