eMail sent!

Ok then, I'm gonna try again and send an email about it and see what's going on...
what email is being referred to in this topic "email sent"?  I just received an email about OP Ltd being struck off.  It that the email of the day?

The email EvilDragon is originally talking about is from quite a while ago to the people who responded to Craig's "what upgrade path would you be comfortable with" survey.

If you didn't get the survey, or the followup email, basically what happened was Craig made a survey informing people that money was gone and asking if they'd be willing to pay a fee to upgrade from the original 600Mhz Pandora they were promised to a new and shiny 1Ghz Pandora. This thread is the fallout from that particular bad decision.
I've just seen today this post on the forum.

- I answered the survey when it happened.

- I can't find a mail from evildragon (in September) in my mailing-box.

So I'm suddenly affraid my poll's answer isn't recorded.

Am I fucked ? :blink:

I would like to ask evildragon if everything is ok with my order, but I already have contacted last monday and got no answer (I suppose ED is really flooded at the moment).

What should I do ?
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ED is pretty flooded it takes him a while to get to emails, but don't worry, I'm sure he'll get to it soon enough. :)