Refund problem

Oct 3, 2008
I'm trying to cancel my Pandora order. I'm working on other hobby projects where I have access to actual hardware. It seems that Pandora missed the mark for me.

For canceling I'm mailing

my communication log:

2010-12-03: sent: email requesting order cancellation (no reply)

2010-12-10: sent: email requesting confirmation (received: apologetic reply with confirmation)

2010-12-12: sent: email with bank transfer data (no reply)

2010-12-20: sent: email asking if bank transfer occurred (received: apologetic reply claiming that bank transfer will happen "today" and should be completed within 1-3 days)

2011-01-03: sent: email asking for some proof that bank transfer occurred (no reply)

It seems to me that "misses" above 50% of my mails and refund has not been done yet.

Seems unprofessional to say the least.

Anyone have similar experience ?

Well my experience has been fantastic so far, had trouble with Google checkout and she helped me out in a timely fashion.. but I'm not cancelling anytime soon and this was a while ago...

One thing you have to realize is the GBAX store front is managed by one Women (Jacqueline), not only is she dealing with Pandora sales, but ICP orders and on top of that what ever else they sell at their store. I believe she also does the taxes and other money management.

It's also been said here on this forum she gets more email than she can respond to in a single day and it keeps piling in.

My guess If they could hire more at the moment they would.
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I have similar problem right now,

I'm trying to cancel my order,

so I've send and email, that was back in December (19 DEC 2010) and... still no response (around 28 days later),

now I've just read this topic and I've send another email - I will let You know in few days how it went.

I have to mention, I've got great help with ordering/payments.

But it seems, canceling/refunds are more difficult (I just hope not impossible).

People trying to order get similar problems, it's not just cancels. No one is really sure. Maybe the girls are busy and miss a few. Could be overactive spam scanner. Who knows, just keep trying. Try different email accounts as well.
<OT> You quitting is a shame, :(

are you still interested in the SGX HW (on other platforms) ? </OT>

Anyways, hoping that they'll get your mail.
Yes, I'm still interested in pandora project and I think its great idea, but I guess its moving too slow for me.

There is a possibility that I will join this project again, but now, I need cash for 2011 summer trip project :)

Still waiting for email from
I got response! (just now)

So I guess my previous mail got lost somewhere in "before Christmas" period.

I hope I will be able to re-join this project soon...