OP: please check your emails and/or PMs

Sep 12, 2010
Over 3 months ago (August 26, 2011) I sent an email to openpandorasales@gmail.com for a change of shipping address

September 1st I sent a PM to Craigix about it

on September 26th I posted in the forum about it http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php?/topic/5484-i-moved-after-25-years-need-to-update-shipping-address/ (that's 2.5 years not 25, the url encoding removes the dot)

on September 28th I sent an email to EvilDragon@openpandora.org

on December 1st I sent a PM to EvilDragon

I haven't got a reply, and the PMs have not even been read according to the forum software.
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Hi Stephane,

usually, all emails I get where Craigs customers (GBAX) update their shipping address, I forward it to openpandorasales@gmail.com

I have no access to any orders from them, so I can't update your shipping address there.

I've got a bit of a backlog with eMails (about 1 month) and PMs (about 1 week) right now, so I know why I didn't reply to your PM yet as well.
then I sent my original email to the correct address.

I haven't received a confirmation from them and its been over 3 months.