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That is nice. I especially like the number key row being under the controls. They are not at all easy to use in their current position for me.
The only thing i would change is to add 3-4 multi purpose buttons for either macros or more specifically android would be better with dedicated function buttons for home menu back search.

It seems a tad excessive when considering you can map them to alt functions but having buttons that arent being used by other critical functions keys would be ideal

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Would it be better if I separated the set of function buttons??
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WizardStan said:
What area is it that's important to you? You mean multi-touch?
There are pros and cons to resistive and capacitive screens. A multitouch resistive screen costs only a little bit more than a capacitive one now (which is about twice as much as a single touch resistive screen, last I checked) so ability to use more than one finger should not be a factor when selecting resistive vs capacitive screens. You should be looking at accuracy, scratch resistance, things like that.

Capacitive can be mounted behind glass making it very strong (or weak, depending on your perspective); resistive needs to be able to flex slightly, made from a softer material it is more likely to scratch.

Capacitive tend to be much more responsive to light touches: resistive needs to be pressed, but a capacitive screen will trigger if you just lightly brush it. This can either be a good or bad thing depending on what you want. To me it's a bad thing but to each their own.

Multi-touch is not important to me, but if it's important to others I will not reject a multi-touch resistive screen. I will vote against a capacitive screen if the only reason given is for the ability to multi-touch, however. If you want me to vote with you on capacitive, convince me it is the superior technology.
I don't care wether it's resistive or capacitive. I used multitouch as an argument. The main thing I whish for is a high resolution. I orginally though AMOLED screens were ahead of LCDs in areas like resolution?
I like the more round design, should improve handling of L+R Triggers and more comfort in general. I would suggest to place the speakers in a different way, so the Screen gets the maximum space :


There is still enough space to place the LEDs wherever they are needed. :)
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^ I always thought the lid in this design would be curved like a seashell. Would there be any room for speakers there?
Is the extra screen width useful?

You'd get (slightly) more height with my original arrangement

I also had more room for bigger, louder speakers...
Huh? Really? Doesn't sound right?

Recalculated @ and

The answer I got from both sites was 2.13:1 after rounding for one screen and 1.07:1 after rounding for both screens, which is also what you get if you simplify 32:15 and 16:15.

Also to add to this I found a review that stated that the aspect ratio of the 2 screens together is almost square, which of course 1.07:1 is, so make of that what you will. :)

Edit: Found a review that states that the aspect ratios are 32:15 and 16:15 respectively.
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