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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Danger from the Deep, the opensource WWII Submarine simulator

The game use gl4es and is heavily using shader. The game is pretty slow, even on a gigahertz Pandora, with the exterior view running at 4 fps. But the game is still playable.
You may need a swapfile for this to run (you certainly need a swap on CC model), and I don't expect the game to run on CC because of the shaders.
I only tested with the 4.10 SGX drivers. (beware not to zoomin too much initially on the map view, it may crash).

The game is very complex (and far from finished), so looking at the manual is strongly advised:

Keymap is not changed execpt "Time compression", that has been changed from "keypad +"/"keypad -" to "/" and "\"

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Modify 1 shader (int to float conversion)
  • Some Pandora modification (fullscreen, keymap).

For the currious, the diff is attached.


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Hi all !

@ptitSeb : thanks for porting this game to the Pandora :)

I just gave it a quick go and it's running fine (albeit slowly) on my Rebirth @ 825 MHz.

While I was at it, I experimented with the parameters in the runscript:
bin/dangerdeep --res 800x480 --maxfps 10 $* #default is 60 FPS

And I also turned off some options in the config file, but didn't notice any improvement:
<sound value="0" />
<use_hqsfx value="0" />
<usex86sse value="0" />

The following settings could also be of interest, I'll try different values and report here ASAP !
<hint_fog value="0" />
<hint_mipmap value="0" />
<terrain_detail value="3" />
<water_detail value="64" />
<wave_fft_res value="64" />
<wave_phases value="256" />
<anisotropic_level value="1" />
<terrain_texture_resolution value="0.1" />
<wave_tidecycle_time value="10.24" />
<wavetile_length value="256" />

Cheers, Magic Sam