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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Need for Speed II SE, a cross-platform wrapper for the NFS2SE Game.

This wrapper needs the original data from the CD to be playable (and you need the Special Edition). After a first launch (so the folder is created), copy both "FEDATA" and "GAMEDATA" from CD to appdata/nfs2se folder. The filename will be change to lowercase if needed the firt time the datas are detected.

Default language is English, but you can change is by editing "" file: on the fist line, after the "4nn", change english to any of the supported langage (english, french, german, italian, spanish, swedish).

Default keymap is not Pandora friendly, so I suggest you go in options and change it.

There are some hardwired key also in game:
  • F1 - toggle rain,
  • F2 - car detail,
  • F3 - view distance,
  • F4 - toggle horizon,
  • F5 - toggle HUD (player 1),
  • F6 - toggle HUD (player 2),
  • F7 - toggle mirror,
  • F8 - toggle music,
  • F9 - toggle sound effects,
  • F10 - brightness,
  • F11 - reset car.
For more detail, go in the github homepage:

The pandora version runs using gl4es and the GLES2 backend (I could have used the GLES2 version of nfs2se also, it wouldn't have changed much).
There are been extensives changes to the rendering code, and some also to the "Cpp generated from Asm" part too. It was absolutly needed to get playable framerate.
Appart from removing most Mutex stuff and SDL_Cond (that doesn't seems to trigger somehow) to have the game actually start, I had to changes many things to go from 2~5fps at first to current speed (around 15fps, sometimes more, on average race).
Note that I do have introduced a few visual artifacts (issue with the RPM meter in replays, horizons bitmap sometimes a bit strange depending of level), but this defect or too minor and the speed increased was needed anyway (but the PND is tagged "beta" because of that).
Despite the long time I took for the port, I haven't tested much things (only single race on a few circuits, a bit of replay). So I hope everything works.

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Many Pandora optimization

For the curious, here are my changes (they are also in the PND).


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Hi all !

@ptitSeb : thanks for porting this one to the Pandora, it's really appreciated :)

Speed is okay-ish (5-15 FPS, just like on my 486 when NFS2 was released ;) :p ) on Rebirth OC'ed @ 1GHz with SGX drivers 4.10 and all the eye candy turned off.

Cheers, Magic Sam
In my experiments, I found that most speed drop is due to Texture upload (there a many paletted textures, for the cars, and some have to be reuploaded with new colors, even if there are some caches mecanisms). I think you can play with the settings, but in my tests, they didn't changed the speed in a significant way on my Gigahertz. Maybe it's different on Rebirth / CC, I haven't tried.
No. Flipping. Way.

ptitSeb, you are amazing. This is one of my favorite childhood games. I don't even know if I still have the CD.
On ARM at least they seem to have translated the original binary as assembler to C++ code. The help text suggests they don't do that on x86 in which case it does seem to be more like a straightforward wrapper that runs the original assembler against modern SDL bits and bobs.
Hi all :)

@ptitSeb : do you think this NFS1 clone would run on the Pandora / Pyra ?

Cheers, Magic Sam