Confirmed! Xbox 360 Is Not Backwards Compatible!


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Dec 4, 2004
I don't know if this is old news or what, I don't remember seeing it in any of the threads talking about the 360... last I saw was just the rumor being repeated that the 360 would 'emulate' the Xbox 1 and would play 'some' of the Xbox 1's games.

I didn't even think to ask about this at E3 last week, though I DID ask if there were going to be multiple versions of the 360 (to which the answer was no, only one version).

Anyways, I was talking to some of my friends who also attended E3... apparently guys who were smart enough to ask more questions than I :p Anyways they said it was confirmed by the MS reps and also in a press kit they recieved (one of my friends runs a mock internet game news site to get in every year) stated that the 360 will have absolutely NO backwards compatibility with the Xbox 1 whatsoever!! :blink:

I think this is a HUGE mistake on M$'s part and another shot in the foot to the 360. Considering that apparently Xbox 1 sales have picked up over the last year or so, a sort of 'second wind', there are going to be some angry consumers out there. It REALLY baffles me considering that even *Nintendo* is going with backwards compatibility this time around... I mean you gotta keep up with the competition... and even MORE confusing is the fact that now we KNOW it will have a hard drive, which many people thought the possible lack of would be the main obstacle to including compatibility. I just can't understand why M$ wouldn't do this. Slowly I find myself becoming less and less excited about the 360 as little tidbits leak out....

Well, there's at least some hope tht it will be cracked like every system before it, and we'll get even better emulators and such to stick on that fat 20gb's.... though considering that PSX and N64 emulation are almost perfect with Xbox 1, and I wouldn't expect PS2, GC or Xbox 1 emu's on it... that leaves maybe only DC as a possibility for something we don't already have?
if you have xbox games then youve more than likley got an xbox, play them on that.

nintendo are going for backwards compatible becuase that is to be thier thing to sell thier console, also it will increase the amount of games available.

i think backwards compatibility isnt worth worrying about, when the other consoles will costs next to nothing.
huh very odd, when was that from??

I just got the new issue of EGM today and there's a huge article on 360 in there and they too mention that it's supposed to NOT be backwards compatible.

I dunno I gotta get my hands on this press kit thing my friend got from E3 and see exactly what he's talking about.

Don't get me wrong I'm not gonna 'fight' or try to defend this info... it definately makes more sense to me that they WOULD make it compatible. I'm just repeating what I was told from what I consider to be a reliable source.

*smacks forehead* why didn't I think to ask one of the MS reps this question my damn self???

moz - it IS important to some people, people who don't want 15 different systems cluttering up their entertainment center :p For real though I'm sure some people would have loved the opportunity to ditch that big black ugly hunk of plastic in favor of the new model and still be able to play all their old games. Also, there's the added benefit of being able to diminish the buy-in cost of the 360 a bit by selling the Xbox 1.

EDIT: some good news for everyone at least... it seems M$ are aiming for a price "in the area of $300" and definately expect to launch the new system right around thanksgiving.... WORLDWIDE!!! That's right even you guys in the UK won't be left out in the cold this time if all goes according to plan, you'll be getting your new 360's the same time as everyone else. Japan as well.
I think x box have made a big mistake :ph34r:

The next box will not be as powerful as the ps3 so i's selling point will be the online. If it is not back compat then who's gonna get one when it comes out if they have no games to play :ph34r:
rabbits with hats posted on May 28 2005 at 12:55 PM said:
I think x box have made a big mistake :ph34r:

The next box will not be as powerful as the ps3 so i's selling point will be the online. If it is not back compat then who's gonna get one when it comes out if they have no games to play :ph34r:

ps2 wasnt as powerful as xbox but it sold more.

i do agree that the xbox360 needs a strong lineup of games at release.

i think the battle of ps3 v xbox360 will be how much of sonys market share microsoft can get, and who has the better profit margins. for success from the business POV

for me its entertainment i shall judge the consoles on thier internet online experience, after all i turn a lot of graphic options off to play games smoother online wiht my PC :)

for me ONLINE play is more important than who can throw polygons about
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I thought it was going to play XBOX games, but through some sort of emulation, and therefore is not truely backwards compatible.

Microsoft have said that the most high profile XBOX games will work on XBOX 360.
bast525 posted on May 28 2005 at 11:23 AM said:
huh very odd, when was that from??
Last week's rumor control, with aims to disprove the 'Xbox 360 will not be backwards compatible' rumor.

here's more, this time from an IGN interview with Shane Kim

IGN: At the Microsoft news conference, Robbie Bach said "Yes, the Xbox 360 would be backward compatible," and before he got the rest of his sentence out, everyone cheered. The rest of the sentence was, "…with top selling games." Will you elaborate or explain what best selling games you were talking about?

Shane: I can't elaborate on specifics right now. The best thing I can say is that we're focusing on making sure the best-selling games on Xbox will be able to be played on Xbox 360 and we'll go from there. Clearly, our objective is to make all games backward compatible.

IGN: Does that include first-, second-, and third-party games?

Shane: Yes. That means all games.

IGN: Are we looking at 10, 20, 30 games? How many are we looking at?

Shane: You know, I can't say right now. As we get closer, we'll definitely be talking more about it.

IGN: How is that going to technically work?

Shane: As we get closer, we'll provide you with more details.

Not that I'm trying to disprove the source. I mean, we know that when it comes to consoles, Microsoft has an obsession over listening to public opinion (look at the change from the original controller to the S controller because of negative public perception), so their decision to include what sounds to me very much like an emulator for Xbox could very easily be a very recent decision due to the anguish of Xbox gamers wanting to play Halo, KOTOR, Fable, etc. on the 360.

Then again, they did say you'd be able to play LIVE on 360 against people with LIVE on the original Xbox, so they may have had intentions to do so for a while now.
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dont use the latest EGM as proof in this thread
They released that right before E3 , read in the back where it says how they are at E3 right now and will cover it in the next issue, so that null/voids most of the info in that issue

Well the bit in EGM was secondary... like I said I'd like to get my hands on this press kit my friend got directly from the MS area at E3... unfortunately since my schedule is so different from his (and everyone elses, seeing as I work when everyone else is asleep) it's just hard to catch up with him.

Well again, I'm not gonna try to debate it, truly I HOPE I'm wrong on this, and yeah seeing how MS *DO* try to listen to their customers to make the best product they can, I really find it hard to believe that they wouldn't make it compatible.

Online play isn't as big of a selling point for a system as you might think, and anyways Sony are a pretty big deal about the online aspect of the PS3 as well. Yeah MS are definately ahead in this aspect with Xbox Live but that's not gonna be enough to come out on top, not by a long shot. To me the biggest thing that will determine a 'winner' is the games, most importantly, the third party games, both quantity of selection and of course good games would be nice. MS you GOTTA get that third party support this time around!!
I think they realy managed to get a good third party support for the 360. I mean......Square Enix........mhhhhh, Final Fantasy.
Horscht posted on May 29 2005 at 10:04 AM said:
I think they realy managed to get a good third party support for the 360. I mean......Square Enix........mhhhhh, Final Fantasy.

Well the LIST of companies that will be making games for the 360 means nothing. It's all about what those companies actually bring to the table.

Most major third parties were 'on the list' for making games for the Xbox 1. Companies like Capcom, Konami etc. did release games for the Xbox... but not nearly as many as they did for the PS2, and many of their better titles either didn't make it to the Xbox or came for the Xbox long after the PS2 versions. Square support doesn't suddenly change everything (though it's a big step in the right direction), and it remains to be seen just how MUCH support Square gives them, just like I'm talking about with the other companies. And anyways the first Square game planned for 360 is what? Final Fantasy VI.... wow :p A game PS2 gamers have been enjoying for... what... two years now? NOT a great start....

What I'm REALLY hoping to see, what I think the 360 really needs to keep up this round, is not just 3rd party support... But for the 360 to have as wide a selection of games as the PS3 will have. When a customer would walk into the gamestop I used to work at, looking to buy a new system, they'd look at the PS2 side, and then the Xbox and GC sides... and the mere fact that the PS2 section was literally 2-3 times as big as the other two sections, would usually have a pretty big impact on their final decision on what system they would walk out of the store with. Well, at least it did for those who didn't walk in already set on buying this or that system.
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Well the LIST of companies that will be making games for the 360 means nothing. It's all about what those companies actually bring to the table.

yeah remember gamepark's LIST of companies that were gonna devolop for the gp32...