Been missing from the forums, status on emulators?


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Oct 9, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Im sure Im leaving myself open to be flamed from various sources or whatever, but never hurts to ask.

Ive been very busy over the past few weeks/months and have not been able to do more then the occasional glance at (whilst waiting for mine to arrive ofc!...)

And although you get the well documented progress of the pandora itself on the main site (thx evildragon) Im wondering how things are going with the programs and software I will actually want to use when I get it :> Of course this stuff is not always easy to find if u dont check forums on a daily basis....

Im mainly thinking of psx4pandora here, not been an update for a while and found nothing when searching the forums... any updated info maybe that I am missing???

Any current info or links anyone can give me on the current status of the psx//n64 emulation for pandora would be great :) also how do the megadrive/snes emulators run? Still sticking to my leap of faith holding on for my pandora, and would be nice to know that progress on these have not ceased :)

Many thanks
Not seen anything new on PSX for a little while but I believe Mupen had an update of sorts not too long ago. Still not masses of compatibility for these but the titles that do run well, do, and are very nice on the Pandora controls. The OC script to get a little more speed however small, also seems to aid these.

Snes just got an update in the last few days with the Pickle launcher added and hi-res i believe and is very nice, whilst Picodrive also got an update a week or so back to add preliminary 32x support if not more. It was already very nice though for genesis or Sega CD titles (Ghostbusters and Snatcher currently underway).

All the emu's are early days to some extent though according to others but are all much appreciated. Ginge allows for better optimised versions of GBA and GB/GBC and Mame aswell I believe and certainly GBA via Ginge or the recent PND is a far more playable.

Its late and I could be talking crossed wires here though, so please ignore.

Regardless, keep the faith. You'll love Pandora when she does arrive :p
Thanks for the info dude ^^ much appreciated, and it sounds good!! I remember a LOT of hard work going into the N64 emulator :D

Lets hope Zodttd has not dropped off the radar ;)