Pandora's Emulators (my list from the GP32x forums)

Forgot some parts:
9/23 - Added DOSbox port by Pickle with board link
9/27 - yellowed Commodore 64 for Gnostic, and added him as an Amiga dev

286 DOS PC (& 386) [DJWillis->SCUMMVM] [Zodttd->DOSbox] [Pickle->DOSbox see here]
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Thanks for the fixed formatting Kyosys.

I'm very sick right now, fever and head spinning. But will update things later when I'm well again.
just want to say, pickles is working on dosbox, not sure if youre going to hold off editing till its back online though
I placed a videolink thread about the "computer chronicles" program under "other consoles" since it didn't really fit anywhere. Though I guess, hardly anyone looks so far down the bottom.
It's got to do with some systems the Pandora can emulate so it might fit in here aswell, here is the link:

I had much fun watching it and it might interest you too.