Any updated info on the TV-out-cables (SCART)?


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Sep 22, 2008
I'm patiently waiting for the TV-out-cable since years. And since this is nothing special with Pandora-related stuff, I am still waiting patiently. ;) But somehow I lost the focus on the current state. Although I remember to have read some info in the forums sometimes in between.

In my room-corner rests an unused CRT-TV, which urges for spicing up several Pandora-emulators with real scanlines. And I have a little worry that I missed something and that the cables were already delivered while my order was forgotten. So please let me ask:

What's the current status of the TV-out-cable-production (to SCART)? I suppose they were not deliver yet. But is there a vague guess when they will be send out? I'll appreciate any answer. Even the infamous "Two months™". :p
I'm not Sure exactly what the status is, But i can assure you they haven't been made yet, let alone being shipped. :)

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