Release B. Aldrin's Race Into Space - [BETA PND]



We have few people here that will likely cut self in half to play in this game so i decided to give a shot at porting. Everything went fine apart of locking the game in random places on real pandora. Maybe some of you want to test the game more than me and maybe you will figure out what's going wrong under the hood. [a little hint] Starting game with switches [from terminal] -v adds a debug info in terminal [the more -v you add the more detailed debug will be.. so basically starting it '[appname] -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v' gives you really detaoled debug.

I presume that there likely could be [maybe] something with ogg theora libs [missing in pandora default lib dir or sth]. BTW. There are some random lockups [not freezing , because game events works normally] in random places drives me crazy, so i dropped this game. Maybe You, hardcore BARIS fans will figure out something.



pnd from FB WALL
Nice work probably being thick here but i cant appear to locate it on the FB wall currently, CLI love is the last upload i am able to trackdown.

Or have i jumped the gun here and this post went up before you uploaded the PND to FB.
I love this game. Thank you many millions of times. If you want to know just how grateful I am, pop round to my house with a tube of KY Jelly - that's how happy I am with this release (and confident you won't take me up on that offer)! I am really short of cash, but will happily make a donation towards all of your excellent work - especially with this and DOSBox (and I suppose UAE is worhty of something too) as soon as I am able. Please don't hold your breath though, I am paying off a debt (my pet rabbit was unwell and had lots of visits to the vet). This is my favourite xmas present this year - even better than that pair of warm gloves someone got me - it's the thoughtlessness that counts!
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