Audiorace - Caanoo


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Sep 21, 2009
The first port of Audiorace for the Caanoo is here!

This is a quick port of the latest Pandora version with enhanced/improved track analysis algorithm.


Get it at the archive.

There's still room for improvements (g-sensor and rumble and other effects), but I wanted to get that out.

At the moment i dont have much time to give love to audiorace, since i'm working on an entry for the riot tag team competition (hey, i'm not affiliated with them! :) )
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Hehe sorry about the name crow :) The domain was available soe :)

Anyways, thanks for making this for the Caanoo. It is a great way of listening to music!
Thats nice thanks for port :) hey maybe you can add GSensor
Controlls, i dont have tested jet but i will do :)
It's nice to read that you enjoy the game, makes it worth the effort porting it :)

I'm planning to add haptic/gsensor when i get the time, which might not be until the end of the compo.

thanks rikku for the tutorial link, certainly very helpful, as was your other thread with the SDL button numbers :)