Audiorace 1.5


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Sep 21, 2009
long time ago i promised some update to audiorace... i've added

* some more effects when you hit an obstacle, full camera jitter when you hit a mine
* the starfield was rewritten to use GLES point sprites and thus allows a lot of more stars to be shown
* 'perfect streak' bonus ... grab 5% of the capsules without missing one or hitting a mine and get 500 bonus points!

there have also been engine changes, updates, improvements and what not, but these are just changes under the hood and not really visible to the user :)

a quick video recorded with a mobile phone can be found on my youtube channel:

i'd like to ask if someone could just give it a quick test before i upload it to the archive. i've tested it thouroughly on my wiz with FW 1.2.1, also on a friends wiz with 1.1.0, but you never know.

get it here:
It looks great crow. Very nice feedback. Thanks for updating it. Nice to see you are still working on stuff :)

What is the next project?
Nice and smooth crow. The added effects are great. No problems here, running 1.2.6.

Two questions though, when you change lanes you can only move over one lane at a time, ever thought about making it so you keep moving as long as your hand is on the dpad or corresponding button? I realize that the way you have it now makes it a bit more challenging so I'm assuming you planned it that way but I was just wondering about that. Also, what do you think about a "turbo boost" option? Maybe after collecting enough capsules without hitting a mine and using one of the shoulder buttons to activate it?

Anyway, still one of the shining stars in Wiz homebrew, thank you!
thanks guys for giving it a shot!

it's always nice to hear that it works and the changes are welcome :)

@u9i: next project, there are some ideas in my mind, all 2.5D games, but the most elaborate (in mind at least ;)) is a some zombie-killing-survival-minigame; somewhat like minigore, just in a different setting. i'm currently playing around with procedural level (city) generation for this.

@Orion4874: i'm taking your suggestions into account - the boost thing is nice, . you can, though, change 2 lines by pressing left+a or right+b at the same time. that's how it is implemented. hope i didnt broke something.
crow_riot said:
you can, though, change 2 lines by pressing left+a or right+b at the same time. that's how it is implemented. hope i didnt broke something.

That is why i like the double-dpad thingy. Yeah, i am probably the only one, i know. But it affords control ideas like that. I am/was working on a game for the Wiz which used both dpads as well. But it won't work so well for the Caanoo, sadly.
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Crow, i'm very sorry I thinked that this was a newer version. Really sorry, i'm really confused with the new layout! Sorry! :(