Feb 27, 2011
I got Aquaria as part of one of the Humble India Bundles and was thinking that it might be a good candidate for a Wiz port. I just read that a bunch of patches were just rolled into the Aquaria source repository to add PSP support, so that might make a Wiz port a lot easier:

Patch merge announcement:
Source repo:
Dev mailing list:
Aquaria homepage:
Aquaria is sluggish on my ASUS 1005PE under Linux (runs well under windows.) I wonder if the wiz could handle it.
Apparently it uses OpenGL and this new set of changes that has been merged in makes it quite playable on the PSP. I guess it would come down to how well the Wiz' OpenGL ES implementation would mesh with the PSP port's OpenGL code.
Wouldn't a Caanoo's stick be more suited to the swimming controls?

In any case, Aquaria is a beautiful game that would be great to see on an open handheld. I'm surprised nobody else has commented.
i was looking at the sources when they were released, because i wanted to give a shot. but i'm just not a porter, i hate messing around with other one's source code.
the only hope here lies i guess in pickle-the-porting-machine :)
he recently managed to get lugaru working on the pandora, so he's the right man for that.