Legal Emulation Resources

Sorry for the bump to this, but quite a big legally-free download release has been made, in the form of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, directly from Electronic Arts! :D It's been added to the list, of course.
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Another new entry has been added, this time for PC Paint 3.1. It's been added to the list in the parent-post as well.

A fun fact: This program was often used for the development of bootleg Famicom/NES and Game Boy games by a number of developers of pirate-original or otherwise unlicensed games.
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special hardware, if you get a retrode with a nes adaptor you can get your own roms from your own carts.
okay then I will have to go wait for there to be more retrorodes produced then and get a adapter.
Shouldn't be long now. As I understand it they should currently be in the final stages of production, now that the cases have arrived in Germany. I'm hoping to see a shipping notification within the next week myself, as I have one pre-ordered. :D

Then all I'll need is some actual SNES & Megadrive carts to read with it. ;) Methinks I'll be doing some shopping at my local Game Trader's this weekend, I know they have a nice selection of retro stuff.

- Neelix
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^ Get some Mega Man games! :p

Hehe, I can't wait to get my Retrode 2, either. :D
^ Get some Mega Man games! :p

Hehe, I can't wait to get my Retrode 2, either. :D

I probably will if they have any, thanks for the suggestion. :D

Yes megaman :D

oh can you let me know when the shipping notification Neelix

I'm happy to make a mention of it, though I rather think it will become a talking point around here once they are released. ;)

That being said, if you haven't already done so I highly recommend joining the retrode newsletter, so that as soon as Matthias starts taking orders you'll be notified. You can sign up on the front page at and its normally only one email a month so it won't clutter your inbox.

- Neelix
I know this has already been posted in the thread in the Other Consoles section but I feel its worth mentioning here too.

It's now possible to order a Retrode2 from EvilDragon at his GP2X shop.

For those of us who have preordered those units were to be shipped "over the next 1 to 2 days" as of 26 Dec according to the web site, though I have yet to receive an official notification.

I am looking forward to receiving mine and playing my first SNES game. :)

- Neelix
@ Prometheus, or anyone else who cares to answer:

I'm working on packaging up Advance MESS based off of Mcobit's Advance MAME work and was thinking. It might be nice to go ahead and include Vectrex as an example system.

Since Prometheus seems to be the resident expert on the legal emulation resources I thought I would ask you. Is is just the games and overlay resources that are Public Domain for the Vectrex, or is the system bios Public Domain as well?

If I can't package up the whole shebang, I'll probably just skip it.
I'm afraid I can't help - I know absolutely nothing about the Vectrex or the status of anything related to it. Sorry about that, mindlord. :(
I've been researching this heavily. I have found nothing suggest that the system bios is not also public domain, just like the rest of the stuff. So you can safely add Vectrex resources to this thread as well.

Spike's Big Page is a good resource, BTW.