Beta animal islands


Oct 1, 2009
Hi everyone, I recently made a game for Ludum Dare and figured I should package it for the Pandora, since running LÖVE games is quite straightforward.

It's a luck-based game that mostly plays itself, so people will either find it amusing or frustrating! I'm not planning to add any new mechanics yet (maybe in the future), but just figured I should post here to make sure the game runs smoothly for people before I put it on the repo :)

Hope you enjoy!


animal islands is a game of choice and luck.
Don't let any animals die!
Each turn presents you with a choice of two additions to the world, but the location is secret. Some of them are dangerous, and most animals don't get along very well. Keeping them alive will be a challenge!



dpad / touchscreen to play
q / esc to quit
e to enable easy mode, where the location of the next block is revealed.


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Hi all :)

@geckojsc : thank you for that great game, I've been playing it a lot these past few days !

Some suggestions (not related to gameplay):

- In easy mode, could you make the next tile more visible ?
- Could you add some transparency effect, so that one could see which tile hides behind a tree ?
- In easy mode, the next tile is sometimes hidden by the two possible additions. Could you make the UI more flexible in order to avoid this issue ?

Cheers, Magic Sam