Script Kiddie
Jul 11, 2019
Starting a new thread for forum members to request any free RM2K and/or RM2K3 games that they are unable to find online. If any data hoarder has a copy of the requested game, they can help out a fellow Pandora owner. :)

Requests can be answered by sending the game by private PM to the requestor or by posting a link or attachment.

As a courtesy, if somebody has delivered your request, please edit your post to indicate that your request has been solved (So that others don't waste their time fufilling an already solved request)


I'd like to start the ball rolling with a request for a fan remake of Golden Sun

Several years ago there were several remakes underway (At least 3 remakes if not more IIRC. At least 1 - possibly 2 IIRC - were being remade in RPGMaker. At least one remake was being made in something else. Probably Flash)
Despite the number of remakes, I was never successful in finding any download. All searches I made over the years lead to dead ends. :(

I *suspect* that what most likely happened to all these is that - partway through their projects - they eventually realised just how much work is involved in remaking a game and abandoned it without ever providing any upload. I'm hoping that somebody can prove me wrong.

(Naturally I'd like a completed remake but if there isn't one, I would still be interested in playing any partly completed/demo remake)