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    Left Or Right Brain

    How could anyone see counter clockwise in that?
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    I just hope the analog sticks don't stick out too much.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Agreed, we don't need that many buttons.
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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    This probably means that you don't have a program that can handle .tar files, I'm using winrar and I have no problems with it.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    It will interest them though, people at a tech forum who I showed the specs to have been very interested in this thing and they generally didn't like the GP2X.
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    New Gp2x F-200

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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    I disagree with the keyboard thing, if I had access to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse I'd probably also have access to a PC and i'd rather play quake on that. The main thing I want in a handheld is being mobile, I don't need any peripherals other than the charger. Tactile feedback, much faster...
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    GP2X Porting Clanlib To The Gpx2

    Clanlib sounds interesting but I still don't know what exactly it offers. Does someone have some examples or something?
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    Warhawk Thread

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    The Rabbit Joint

    ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉Just testing something.
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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    Man, this is hard. I'm at the end right now and it's like boss after boss after boss without being able to save and stuff. I keep getting killed :(
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    New Gp2x F-200

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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Actually, this device should be made of Diamond Dragonforce: The hardest metal known to man!!!
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    Question On Resetting Pocketsnes And Gpsp.

    Should be volume up + volume down at the same time for both.
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    GP2X Alternative Image Viewer For Gp2x

    what about animated gifs? :unsure:
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    4gb Compatibility?

    Yes it does, you can check the wiki to be sure