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    What Music Is Everyone Into?

    Lately I'm mostly listening to trip-hop, acid jazz and other more electronical genres such as electronica, idm, drums & bass, hardcore techno, breakcore (awesome live), house and ambient. Although I'm still into black, death and trash metal since, like xnopasaranx mentioned, it's part of my...
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    Crisis Core Appreciation Thread

    I finished it two days ago with 50% of missions cleared. Brilliant game, even if I'm somewhat biased as FF fanboy. Gonna restart on hard mode later.
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    Orbital Sniper 2x

    Awesome, played this hell of a lot on the zodiac, will try it tonight.
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    Psp With Custom Fw, 2gb Card, Games

    Yeah, sure
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    Psp With Custom Fw, 2gb Card, Games

    Was thinking about getting one so this is good timing, definately interested! I'm quite bad at estimating values, how much do you expect for it?
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    Wtb: Tapwave Zodiac Charger

    Anyone willing to sell me one? I can't find one on ebay or anywhere else, but my own zodiac charger nearly snapped and I could really use a new one before the zodiac's battery gives up (I still use it for videoplay back and stuff). Thanks in advance edit: oh yeah, nvm about this
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    Pocketsnes With Sa-1 Support:super Mario Rpg.

    Yeah, I know how MegaUpload works, I just got a message "Download not available at this time" yesterday. :P Oddly I can still download from GP32Spain even though I don't have an account there.
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    Pocketsnes With Sa-1 Support:super Mario Rpg.

    That's great news! But the download isn't available. :/ Edit: The link at;d=1203101945 seems to work though. Can't wait to try it out. :)
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    Doctor Who

    I started watching Doctor Who around last year, starting with the new series 1 and was instantly hooked, especially after series 2 finale, but I never really got into the original series. There are just too many episodes to watch (over 700), so I can't really be bothered (although I've seen the...
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    I wonder, what more needs to be done for a "full" release aside from sounds and music?
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    Brilliant, thanks for the update. :)
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Holy shit, that was embaressing. Apoligies for that. 'T was great fun anyway, happy new year everyone. :)
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    The Rabbit Joint

    HAhahaha I Tthinke qiI'm dunrk atm :D new year eve party ! juapyy hnew yaer alla!è 9I met a new girl, she'"sa wxeomesome ^^^
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    Pocketsnes 6.4.2 By Headoverheels

    I finished FF6 on my gp2x at 240... Great to see Star Ocean playable, thanks Headoverheels.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    The Japanese PW games have an English translation built-in, pretty good one as well. I got my DS for 60 pounds when I was on holiday in the UK a few years ago. :rolleyes:
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Jean Armstrong is making me vomit. The 300 reference and the "1337aznprincess" stuff is amusing. Almost finished that case.
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    Awesome, can't wait to try this out tomorrow. Albion is one of my favorite roleplaying games, but I never got to finish it before, would be a good opportunity to play it on gp2x. How good is the speed on the gp2x?
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    Downloadable Mp3s Are They Killing Quality?

    Congratulations on listening to the faggot subgenre of each of those independant genres (metal, electronic music and hardcore "techno") :)
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    The Rabbit Joint

    My girlfriend and me broke up and now I'm sad.
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    Tileworld2x Beta 1

    Awesome! I loved this game as a kid. :D