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  1. JayFoxRox

    *facepalm* You get one interwebz for your nice trollface.. - At least enter your nickname right...

    *facepalm* You get one interwebz for your nice trollface.. - At least enter your nickname right next time. Stop trying to be cool, you fail at it, whoever you are :)
  2. JayFoxRox


    1 Month for a platformer is not very much imho. Especially since there are no larger holidays or anything smilar which I'm aware of. Even if more money ends up in the pot, the motivation might not be there for many, seeing how they'd only get a small portion of the collected money. And...
  3. JayFoxRox

    Virtual Buffer Objects / VRAM question

    The driver / hardware will still pre-process the data. Keeping it on the server side can hence still give a speed boost. Check the SGX docs for more informations. They tell you how you should pack your data and which formats to use. For textures this is even more important because of the...
  4. JayFoxRox

    Release Beta Test: Upcoming (HF5) Firmware Image BETA 2

    Well the new SGX driver hopefully won't crash when moving a window around (or embedding a GLES context). It should also increase shader compilation speed for GLES2, support more extensions etc. Hopefully it will also fix the memory leaks.
  5. JayFoxRox

    Minimenu Tab Plugin Spec .. Discuss Before I Code :)

    Please note that I changed the order of arguments etc - this specification is not comprehensive -- I'll illustrate a number of API functions below, but it is certainly not all of the planned API, and certainly much more API would become available over time as we anticipate more requirements or...
  6. JayFoxRox

    Warning: don't leave your Pandora plugged in for too long

    That's not true (for my Pandora at least). This only works in some cases for me. Especially when the SGX locks up I have to remove the battery which happens really really often for me. - Scary stuff about the batteries. I had mine at the charger all the time before Uni started too, so this...
  7. JayFoxRox

    Using pandora as a regular Ubuntu computer.

    Unless you want to use it on a train etc, I'd always recommend a more modern (larger RAM, probably also faster CPU) OMAP or SnapDragon based devboard. It's not only cheaper but usually also smaller. It's also easier to get them and you usually get a pixel-perfect digital video out which you...
  8. JayFoxRox

    WANTED: PowerVR Video Card?

    Sorry for the bump, had the tab opened for some days but lost track of it after some time. No, just a GLES2 support layer is enough. If you have a modern system with GL4 drivers you most likely have something compatible. Probably even with hardware debug and profiling registers. If you don't...
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    Happy Birthday EvilDragon

    Well you didn't arrive here in time so we had to drop the surprise party ;) But I'd still like to wish you a happy birthday.
  10. JayFoxRox

    Dreamcast would be awesome

    What happened to NullDCe anyway? Today Raz said that he is back working at the more lle version NullDC (which is not too interesting to me, hle and abstraction ftw!) - not sure what this means for NullDCe (which didn't grow much it seems, since work stopped on...
  11. JayFoxRox

    Multiplayer Pandora Action

    torpor used that flight sim on his pandoras in network mode already. Don't know about anyone else who did something similar. As TV-Out cables are still not shipping (Really unhappy about the current situation - I really need one for many different things) most of the games don't really work...
  12. JayFoxRox

    Give The Dev A Pandora!

    The problem is that while qemu compatibility might be high, qemu and wine together are going to be bloated probably. Most likely this will be too slow for many things and won't give a much better result than dosbox. On the other hand, one could try to disassemble the x86 applications and create...
  13. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Pandora-psp

    Well the first one is running about half the speed of the PSP if I remember correctly. However, that is a recompiled sample and it could be slower with CPU emulation. My assumption is that the matrix calculations are the critical part here as they are done on the PSP Vector Processor...
  14. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Pandora-psp

    I have been reverse engineering the GLSL shader compiler, successfully removing redundant cycles. In the future, I hope that I can have my own assembler, minimizing shader generation and compile time, as well as making it possible to work with more exact values, possibly even gaining access to...
  15. JayFoxRox

    Give The Dev A Pandora!

    Gruso: I'm aware of the backstory, hence I mentioned selling the Pandora or using it in a shared setup. I think for the money you make of selling one Pandora, you can get 2 other devboards. Sorry for not making it clear MonkeyChops...
  16. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Pandora-psp

    Please note that the screenshots below are not from an emulated game but from the emulated graphics hardware - there is no CPU emulation yet. The games you see don't work on Pandora at all at the moment! I should have updated this earlier but meh.. This is actually a reply to another post but...
  17. JayFoxRox

    Give The Dev A Pandora!

    Seriously? Some devs on this list have access to multiple OMAP3 based devices already and there is no benefit of them owning a pandora, especially since they most likely either have one already OR will get one soon. Also, there are far more important bits to care about than the apps - the OS is...
  18. JayFoxRox

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Maybe not the cleanest script (EDs is surely cleaner ;) ), maybe not working anymore (This worked fine on my BB B6 a long time ago) but it used to give me the best quality: (Note that this is 16 bit color depth as this is what the SGX driver required back then) fbset -n -fb /dev/fb0 -bcast...
  19. JayFoxRox

    [SOLVED] Getting Usb Vga To Work

    What framerate do you get? And can it load back data from the SGX? I highly doubt that the framerate is any good and that you can use the default 3D hw on the external display without loosing a good bit of performance. Imo, a VGA-Box is the way to go, but lets see your results first..
  20. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Startup User Cd?

    I disagree. The pre-installed pidgin and thunar are both buggy and crash frequently and the pre-installed browsers both can't access the app-store properly. As a beginner you are not even told where to put your PNDs and so on. - It's anything but easy to use!