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    Nintendo Ds Storage Devices

    I have an R4 (came highly reccommended by users of this forum) and its fantastic... So simple to use (drag and drop files onto it) and has been compatible with everything ive thrown at it... When i bought mine they used to retail at £22.00 plus about £8.00 for a 1gig Micro SD (the memory card...
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    How Many Homebrew Enabled Devices Do You Guys Use ?

    In order of use: I Phone DS PSP Desktop PC GP32 BLU Dreamcast PSone (chipped) I Phone takes the number 1 spot cause thats my latest purchase not because its better than the others although the snes emu for it is coming along nicely... Also have 360, PS3 and Wii but have not and probably never...
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    Mgs4 I Just Completed It !

    MGS4 may well end up on the 360 at some point in the future but I cant wait that long... Yeah £300 is steep just to play 1 game but you do get a decent Bluray player thrown into the bargain and there are always other games on the horizon that look great too (Little Big Planet im looking at...
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    Mgs4 I Just Completed It !

    I bought a PS3 2 weeks ago in preperation for this coming out, im glad I did... I too was struggling to find anything else I wanted for PS3 (have a 360 as well with call of duty 4, GTA4, and all the other top releases) but I bought Uncharted Drakes Fortune which is pretty good (if you like tomb...
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    Anyone Downloaded Films From Xbox Live?

    Was just wandering if any of you guys had downloaded any films from xbox live marketplace? was gonna download Transformers in high def to try out my new LCD tv and just wandered if they had all the features like dolby 5.1 and suchlike.
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    360 On The Fritz

    Mine decided to pack up on boxing day... My warranty had also just run out by about a few weeks... one quick (30 mins!) call to Microsoft Helpline though (0800 587 1102) and they e-mailed me a UPS label so I could send it back to them... All I had to do was package it up in a box securely and...
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    Games Of 2007

    Mario Galaxy, Call of duty 4, Phantom Hourglass... just a few that have grabbed my attention this year...
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    Argghh! Super Mario Galaxy And Assassins Creed Released Same Day..

    After 20 or so hours of playtime and with 65 stars collected I finally feel qualified to air my views on Super Mario Galaxy... Lets start with the graphics... Far better than I was expecting, Having played most of the graphically Brilliant games on xbox 360 such as gears of war, call of duty 4...
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    Argghh! Super Mario Galaxy And Assassins Creed Released Same Day..

    Havent even taken it out of the wrapping yet (heavy night on the drink last night) will give it a good play today though and post my thoughts later...
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    Argghh! Super Mario Galaxy And Assassins Creed Released Same Day..

    Thanks guys, the decision has been made... Gonna go for Galaxy this weekend then get Assassins Creed next week when I get paid again... Been leaning towards Mario anyway after reading/watching loads of reviews on the net, time my Wii had a workout as I cant remember the last time i put it on!
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    Argghh! Super Mario Galaxy And Assassins Creed Released Same Day..

    Only have enough funds for one of these games this weekend so my question to you all is what would you buy? ( I know they are completely different genres but I enjoy all game types and they are both supposedly "must have" titles)
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    Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Received mine on thursday (pre ordered from Game) and finished it the same day on Normal setting, am gonna play through again on harder setting though to unlock the achievements I havent got... Game is awesome, been having loads of fun on multiplayer over the last couple of days... Cheats are...
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    Ds Flash Carts

    Just wanted to say thanks guys... received my R4 today with 1 gig card and I couldnt be happier with it... such a bargain at just over £30! Special thanks to Cupc4kes for reccomending supercardstore to me cause that where I got it from...
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    Ds Flash Carts

    Cheers guys, most helpful!