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    Sqdef 1.2

    Awsome, thanks again Alex!
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    Sqdef 1.2

    Hey I really like all the new ideas being suggested, especially the detailed maps for saves and level select. I also really like the idea of replaying the maps that have already been completed to review strategy (like playing a tape). Thanks for continuing to work on this one Alex, definately...
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    Sqdef 1.2

    Nice one Alex! I must agree with Quiest on the theme however, I much preferred the old one. An option to choose between the two would be a cool idea since so many people like the new one also. Thanks for the hard work Alex, this is a truly great game for the gp2x.
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    The Gp2x And Wind And Water Go To The Gdc!

    Well done guys, congratulations for getting this far, and good luck with the award!
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    Sqdef 1.1e

    Looks great Alex, thanks for continuing to work on this one, still one of my favs.
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    Battlejewels 1.0 Posted!

    This is great suff skeezix, thanks!
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    Cromozome V0.5

    Good stuff, thanks pokeparadox!
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    Picodrive 1.34

    awsome, thanks.
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    Wind And Water Last 12 Hours To Preorder!

    :D haha, i love it! Hope everything is ok :( I know what a hurricane is like, it sucks.
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    Wind And Water Last 12 Hours To Preorder!

    I really cant wait for this one :)
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    'sleuth Slots' Fruit Machine Sim Released

    Looks really good ruckage. I'm glad you were able to recover the source and finish this in the end :). Good luck with your future projects. Edit: Just had a quick go. Very high quality, I love the sounds and graphics. Just a question, am I supposed to be able to "hold" all three wheels on a...
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    Gp2x Video Converter V0.1a

    Nice one, going to try this out later!
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    Mame Gp2x 4.7

    Thank you soo much for this franxis! I havent tested this in a while. Does saturday night slam masters work now?
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    I Could Cry :(

    Im really glad to hear you recovered your data ruckage. That must have been such a relief. Thanks Squidge for helping!
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    I Could Cry :(

    No no no this really sucks. Im realy sorry to hear about this ruckage. I completely understand not wanting to start over with a project that was almost done. Again sorry to hear this :(