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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    I been playing Global Agenda mostly Looking forward to End of Nations whenever it comes out. Going to be free to play ^^
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    Help! Windows keeps eating my copypasta!

    ctrl - insert / shift - insert is where it's at! But yea, as already mentioned try clearing the clipboard every now and again.
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    Third Humble Indie Bundle

    Nice. I will be giving these a play at some point
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    A fresh new start, Part 2 (2011-07-12)

    Thanks for the updates. Good luck in your search for a new producer of the boards.
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    Custom TV-out Cable Pre-orders (Split from other topic)

    My Pandora will probably be some time away yet, will email for another update again a week or 2 >_> I'm not too clued up in how the pandora sends out the tv signal. By the looks of it, it mirrors whatever is on the screen as far as I know. I thought that there should be some mechanism that...
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    this one?:
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    SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    I wouldn't have thought the ps3 would be replaced for a few years yet.
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    a post on the retrode community forums says that the guy doesnt want to do small/induvidual orders for it but would consider a group order. The plans/schematics are on the retrode site somewhere. I think when I get mine I will go through some old snes/megadrive games I used to like playing a...
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    I still have mad dog mcree on pccd somewhere, used to like playing that. used to like rebel assault 2 as well
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    SEGA Dreamcast 2

    If you want to find out if there are truth to the rumours, try and find someone that works for a potential developer of the rumoured console, befriend them and take them down the pub and beer them up, they might talk >_>
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    Favorite SNES games you think others might be missing out on

    Not sure if it was well known or not, but I remember playing King Arthur's World, didn't get very far on it though :<
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    I pre-ordered mine a few days ago :D just need to go go buy some classic games off ebay now >_> Im assuming I'll be able to copy the rom to an SD card for use later.
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    Custom TV-out cable

    My Pandora has not yet been sent, but I am interested in ordering/purchasing a cable when you are ready to make/sell them :)
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    Well that's annoying

    I had an update when my notification was due to tell me that it was going to be shipped. The update mentioned a new testing station, I got another update another week afterwards, I was offered a refund but I declined, (It would just delay the inevitable of me buying a unit anyway <_< )