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    Bbc Corrupted

    The iplayer looks ishite to me anyway <_<
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    Bbc Corrupted

    Did any of you see the reports of the BBC holding fake phone in competitions with non existant prizes or prizes being given to the production team?
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    GP2X Mk1 Vs Mk2

    Am I right in thinking that mk2 can power usb flash drives and such and mk1 cant?
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    The Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Topic

    *Next book spoilers!* Harry leaves school with no qualifications since he was always off fighting dark lords rather than being in class and becomes the leaky coldrens regular drunk. ;)
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    Holy Sh*t

    Welcome back.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Is it drawing toward the end? only I watched upto 20 somthing and it showed no sign of ending.
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    Finally Found Ff7 And Much More

    I've been collecting my copys over the years. A two for £15 offer in HMV with Crash Bandicoot in 1998. One a mate lent me and forgott about when I lost the first temporarily. 99p in Oxfam. One I got given by sombody with a broken ps1 but doesnt have a case. Are the platanums worth less then?
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    Go To Hell!

    The sweet light no longer strikes against your eyes. Your shade has been banished to... the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
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    Zombies Vs Pirates

    I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night I wouldnt call them Zombies more like fishy mutant people.
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    Is It Possible To Buy

    I have one. I'm pretty shure it was from Maplins.
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    Zombies Vs Pirates

    I voted zombies. "URRRRRRRRG" beats "GARRRRRRR" in my opinion.
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    Divx Movies...

    I've always had problems playing longer videos try spliting it into parts and also make shure you have fully charged batteries. EDIT: sombody got a better answer in before me
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    Psp, Trying One.

    My best mate gave his PSP away to one of his other mates for a tube of pringles just because he couldnt find the charger :S Sorry just thought I'd share that with you.
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    Hooray For Flavored Seltzer!

    Just out of intrest has that "zero" range of coca-cola been released in america? There was some rumours it was banned due to chemicals that cause infertalitly I just wanted to know if it were an urban myth or true.