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    I Haven't Canceled My Order

    Just thought you'd all like to know.
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    Pandora - Where To Buy

    Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be part of the human race.
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    Your Place In The Preorder Line?

    Thanks for this thread :D I didn't want to bother the team with something so trivial but I REALLY did want to know whereabouts in the queue I was :D My order was confirmed by email on February 3rd 2009 so I'm guessing I'm around 1500. That's not too shabby at all.
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    Can I come and watch?
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    Surely the screen is too small for anyone to bother :S Very surprised at the results. Did everyone buy this as a portable masturbation device? Are you all planning on hot footing it up a mountain to crack one off, squinting at a tiny image of some bints chuff as soon as it arrives?
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    This is the first thing people tend to notice :D Luckily, we did most of the waiting for you. Welcome to the fold :D
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    Pretty In Pink!

    Yeah, I agree, when I think of all the bad things you've done. I think maybe if you had to wait for say half a year more than anyone else, that would be fairer. Could we arrange this? Have zevdawg's pandora "lost" in the post or something?
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    Pretty In Pink!

    nip slip! :D I think you need some lessons in decorum. How to get in and out of cars whilst protecting your modesty, how to stand still without one of your bangers hanging out, that sort of thing. Unless you did it purposefully just to get me going. In which case, you're going over my knee you...
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    Pretty In Pink!

    OK then, sod the rotten-titted scroungers! I think that the pink pandora should be mailed to sony directly without delay as the colour will match his cravat splendidly :D
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    Pretty In Pink!

    Making the auction for charity would be a nice idea. Breast cancer would make sense for the pink colour. That way, the most generous nerd gets an early pandora, no one is going to complain about that (Some might say that I'm underestimating the community there :D) and it will be good publicity...
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    New Picture

    The pink one looks better but I don't want to get beaten up in the street. Maybe you could include a courtesy flick knife?
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    350kbs is good enough for anyone. You're all spoilt with your sillyfast connections :D
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    [Analysis] Retrospecter Pandora

    Oh, I don't know, DisgruntleElf, that all sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory to me. I'm sure Craig isn't really the sinister, evil genius puppet master you paint him as. I see him more as an entrepreneur small businessman with a bit of cash and a love of gadgets.
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    [Analysis] Retrospecter Pandora

    What's with all the Craig bashing? I don't know the guy and I only read the odd post on here but from what I gather he's a good egg who's under a lot of pressure and just happened to flip out once or twice on a forum. Fuck me, we've all done that at some point.
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    [Analysis] Retrospecter Pandora

    Hehe, yeah, they've done all the work compiling the quotes and then forgot to have any fun with it. To be fair, it's the first tentative steps into this sort of thing, made by a group of amateurs who decided to be very public and include the community and share everything. I think there's...