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    External notification LED(s) via Bluetooth

    Does the pyra support bluetooth low energy from bluetooth 4.0 or only classic? Bluetooth LE would be much better suited for this device if it's supported on the pyra. The low data rate and advert requirements mean this could easily run from something as small as a coin cell and could do away...
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    A question about my charging habits

    Oh does that mean I should return my battery then? My battery starts swelling at around 80% charge, not a huge amount but enough to cause a bit of a bend in the battery cover. I first presumed it was because of the bad charging algorithm and was just waiting for HF6 to see if it would make a...
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Blast Corps just plays the first two logos really fast and then crashes to the menu. Gauntlet Legends just shows a black screen. Glover does too, but returns to the menu after a few seconds. Kirby64 is full of graphical glitches, for example kirby has no face. Layering in a lot of 2d games seems...
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    SEGA Dreamcast 2

    So all the release titles are nothing but sequels? In fact they don't even have any subtitles, they've just slapped a 2 or 3 on the end of all those games.
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    It seems I thrashed my Pandora around a little bit too much in my bag

    Mine turned up like that along the right side of the screen. I just pushed it in and it snapped into place.
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    Weight - why 335?

    I think you may have missed the joke
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    Ebay Alert

    Yes there is, because then he'd probably take offence to being called a poofta.
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    I take back my comments on duplicate 'A' button...

    So it's decided. Every unit from now on will ship with 6 A buttons, every key on the keypad will be A and Start will be renamed AAAAA.
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    What Are You Playing?

    Mainly: Zelda Oracle of Seasons(GBC) SuperFrog (Amiga) (Cheap deaths all over the place!! ARGH) Often: Alundra (PSX) Heart of Darkness(PSX) Castlevania Symphony of the Night(PSX) Pick up and play: Rhythm Tengoku(GBA) Frogatto Super Geometry Dust Mario Kart 64(N64) Lylat...
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    Ebay Alert

    Seconded. I seem to remember getting annoyed at Nintendo for the same thing so I presume Sony and Nintendo are the same user?
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    He means there are 3 lanes with notes on them and then 2 lanes at the sides that are always empty.
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    Adobe Flash 10.2 For Cortex A8 Linux Download?

    If the OP team contacted them they'd likely have to pay licensing fees. So I don't think they really want to go down that route.
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    Unable to rip PS disc.

    Your device may not be /dev/sr0. Try replacing it with /dev/cdrom or /dev/dvd /dev/cdrw It changes from system to system. THere are many other alternatives it could be.
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    Things/tutorials/utilities that people have already made that should be in HF6

    I thought exactly the same on my Desire.
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    As Ari already said in a roundabout way, the emulator relies heavily on x86 assembly code so it would be a huge task to convert that all to ARM assembly, or even C and then lose the speed benefits. It's highy unlikely to happen and would probably be less effort just to code in the features you...