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    I'm Selling My Games

    Definately lower the Price a few of those are 4 for £20 at GameStation Creatrues Exodus is 5.99 at the CO-op as well as all the other Creatures Variants (the albian years etc.)
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    Wanted: Dreamcast Tv Cable

    I'll Sell you my Dreamcast, with TV cable, Power Cord, Swap Disc, DOA 2 american version for £30 Theres a Power Fault in the Dreamcast Easily repairable havent opened it but its probally just a loose cable where the power plugs in, so small soldiering require. Not awilling to Split seen as it...
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    My Next Open Linux Based Handheld ..

    Does thathave a touch screen?
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    My Next Open Linux Based Handheld ..

    Guess you could say it was cheap....Looking, That is the ugliest thing i've seen, the design is from a cheap calculator out of a chrismas cracker, The way the screen looks and the shell is it just seems like a waste of space..... Oh, and while you waiting for you gp3x, why not appreciatte the...
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    The Ninja

    IS the Ninja Project by Mr.Mirko dead? The Handheld I mean. I checked the site and there hasnt been news for months. Even with all the competition I'd still like to see it or at least see how far it can go.
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    Lounge Console

    Wasnt Really Conviced for Chipping but for Selling, it my money I used to destroy the warranty of the Xbox and unless they somehow frame me for selling them then really it's my own far as I know anyway. Unless Microsoft have a law to stop you doing what you like to your own console....
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    Lounge Console

    Actually, I just realised, an Xbox can do what you want. And soon the Xbox360 will beable to do more, all in one handy box.
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    Lounge Console

    You could always make one, Get arcade Cabinet Instruction (Ebay or available free online) Just work hard to adapt things to make it smaller. Either Use wood case or if you know someone at a college get a vinyl case made for it. Just a basically all it would be is a PC but you can find software...
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    Gp2x Developer Releases

    I start on a monday, in my head. Working monday to friday, the weekend, 7th day, day of rest and all that. With College and School, You start the week in School on a monday. If your Jewish then Saturday is the 7th (sabbath) day, the day of rest and welcoming the new week. It just depends on...
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    In Need Of A Palmtop

    If you ever get a budget of £1300 then get a flybook laptop. Have a look a, its what I'm saving up for now.
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    Advertisement Contest

    Ideas for prizes: 1. Could be paid by entry fee(small amount per add) or just donations of small amounts. You'd get your money back if you win by getting the prize. 2. SD card minimum of 512mb (about £20) feeling really genorous then 1gb or 2 3. Case, headphones, rechargable battery, some kind...
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    Advertisement Contest

    A quote from someones sig here "I love deadlines, I love the wooshing sound they make as they go by" Douglas Adams. Its a good Idea, might do one, if not I'll see about putting one up in my art college.
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    Zodiac Now Has A Playstation Emulator

    Whats so kiddy about living in slums, being stabbed though the heart, being Genetically modified and being torn apart by your mind.
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    Does The Gp32 Reduce Your Ability To Spell?

    I have a scratch on the underside of my screen. Not sure how it got there, its not on the lcd but on the plastic cover, bizarre.
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    Retro Gamer Magazine.. Dead?

    I should have waited longer before I sold all my issues on ebay, since you can't back order anymore they're probally worth more.