Xbox 360 - Ps3, I Need Just A Little Bit Of Advice

i usaly see high intrest in rev, allways worth a discusiion, just look what fuz it allways creates when some fake information gets spread.

iam pretty sure i get a rev first, as it will likely be cheap, and the downloadable games are just alone worth it.
I've always been a Playstation buyer, but I must say the revolution interests me mch more this time around.
The reason i am worried about space is just because the high def games will require quite alot of capacity for textures/levels/fmv's etc not forgetting soundtracks.

I think 9GB is not enough, i think it is decent.. but if developers want to make a game with a large amount of details and levels then this may hinder them.

one of the games id like to play is perfect dark zero, rare are really good game makers.. if anyone ever had an N64 here they would know Goldeneye, perfect dark plus banjo kazooie and others were really golden games.
Buy in bulk.

Asking for an opinion right now isn't going to work man. Look at the games in development, if the stuff the 360 has turns your crank then go for it, if not then you wait for the PS3.

Personally what I've seen of the 360 hasnt done anything for me at all. A couple of friends of mine are working on games for them right now and all signs point to them being games that could have been done on the current generation and I wouldnt drop 400 bucks on a system that does the same thing the systems I already have can do. And I dont care much for HD tv because I dont see myself buying one for another 5 years in which case the NEXT next generations will be out.

I'm most likely getting a PS3, I know what to expect and I like what I expect to get from it... (yeah I know about Sony's construction track record but the two consoles and one handheld I have little or no problems so I'm willing to risk it again.)
I like sony, dont get me wrong..

But i need a change, every time its new tekkens and stuff and hardly anything new, alright its a new game with better graphics but the gameplay/characters are the same, it bores me.. if they did something different with their games this time around i would go for it..

Btw, whats the chances of a blu-ray writer coming out any time soon? and anyone know the prices if their around already?
The 360 will be home to many more sequels than the Xbox ever was, because Microsoft have had a chance to develop their franchises beyond the first iteration. As is the case with the unimaginative Halo, Amped, Top Spin and Project Gotham sequels already available.

Anyway, if you don't like sequels don't buy them. It's not like every single game on the Playstation is a sequel; you just have to pick and choose.
As much as Anandtech know their sh*t, I wouldn't take much stock in that particular article. I'm sure the point they're making is broadly correct, but to the end user this won't mean a thing. On PS3 and 360 games will look fantastic and *hopefully* play just as well. Wait and see.

PS - Anandtech is heavily PC-bias. Quite why they feel the need to continuously liken consoles to PC's when they know full well the two just aren't comparable is beyond me. It's infuriating because it gives people the wrong impression. Idiots.
Shadow of Chaos posted on Aug 27 2005 at 03:41 AM said:
one of the games id like to play is perfect dark zero, rare are really good game makers.
Yeah they were great, but it's all gone tits up for them since bill gates flashed his wallet about.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies was hardly the "killer app" they said it would be.

Hopefully they will redeem themselves but I just dont know...
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Im just going PS3 :)

mainly because I like GTA and Sony seems to get GTA games released on the Playstations first and then about a year later on the others :D

Also theirs no point in reading articles about them yet, they are most likely 99.9% incorrect / written by extreme MS or Sony fans :p.
For some reason though i do tend to believe some of what that article says, the PC is always one step ahead.. and according to most news sites and even newspapers/tv news they were saying that when these consoles are released, the pc would not catch up "Technology wise" as they say, until mid-end next year.

Quite a statement isnt it? but i believe this will not be the case, once again.
But consoles simply aren't comparable to PCs. Whereas a PC is often a mix 3rd party components that can vary hugely in design and performance, a console is usually a fixed spec. This may give consoles the disadvantage in raw processing power, but it means that developers can really push the hardware to its limits without having to worry about any limitations. If you look at a game like Burnout 3 and consider that it's running on a 'lesser' 300Mhz CPU with 32Mb RAM (+ 15Mhz GPU w/ 4Mb ram), you'll see what I mean.
Yeah i understand, only.. if you see the game ported to PC, you will notice that the textures are much richer and vibrant.. Plus higher resolution, no?

I do agree that its very good what they can do with limited hardware compared to pc though.
Consoles have always been about learning to do as much as you can with what you have without trying to fall back on post launch patches. I'm actually glad Sony's saying they wont be using the HD for games as I feel like it brings the console back to being a console and not a potential PC without a Keyboard.
Shadow of Chaos posted on Aug 29 2005 at 02:07 AM said:
Yeah i understand, only.. if you see the game ported to PC, you will notice that the textures are much richer and vibrant.. Plus higher resolution, no?

Most probably, though you won't see too many games ported from console to PC unless the demand is there. It's a different market. Besides, you'd have to pay upwards of £800 for a PC with a similar spec to the 360 and even then you'd only have access to a handful of games that actually utilise all that power.
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Ok First off:

Storage. HD-DVDs in Xbox 360s
According to the link (it's one of many that has the same information), the Xbox 360 could arrive with HD-DVD from Toshiba as it's optical drive, or later releases off the 360 will contain the HD-DVDs. These are comparable to the Blu-Rays that Sony are using.

(And if people get worried about buying a DVD unit and then the HD-DVDs come out, look at the Xbox. The first price drop, everyone who bought an Xbox at the start and registered, got a choice of free games to make up for "not waiting". Not to mention that when any of the Thompson drives went kaput, they replaced them ASAP (mine was next day replacement) without a single gripe.)

Game developers have stated that they cannot use the multi-core systems to their fullest. They have not got the software or knowhow to put to use all of the cores in the PS3, and to a lesser effect, the multi power PC processors in the Xbox 360. However, the Xbox 360 will make up for it, by using the processors the same way a dual core processor works now, by putting the game on one of the processors, while things like live aware, or music playing will run on the other(s). Game devs have also said it could be anything up to TEN years before they can fully unlock the capability of the multi-core systems.

While this is worrying at start, it also makes for a very interesting future. We will see games on both consoles that surpass the previous gen, but then three or so years down the line, when we'd see a new console generation appear, if they unlock the ability to use the multi-cores to their fullest, it will be like a new generation... without having to spend £300 on a new console.

I'm going with the Xbox 360. I'll get a PS3 and Revolution after the price drops, but Xbox have not let me down so far. I'm not a "fanboi" or whatever people call "loyalists" these days, but i play on the Xbox much more than the PS2, even though i have more games for the latter. Its just after a while, the PS2 games feel... samey, especially having been a heavy PS1 collector too, and there never seems to be anything "new" to arrive (not in the UK anyway...) that changes the view. Also, the stuff Sony have come out with in this "console war" has been so idiotic, it makes me wonder if it's worth giving money to a company that employs idiots to handle PR. "The PS2 is more powerful hardware wise than the Xbox" (this was a year or so after both are released). "The PS2 will allow users to enter a Matrix like world" (you mean Enter the Matrix? Guh that was awful.), and then some of the latest comments... "The Xbox 360 is more like a Xbox 1.5" (combined processor power of 3.3ghz, compared to 700mhz in the Xbox, doesn't scale to 1.5x more powerful...) and then "The PS3 might be more expensive, but people should work more hours to buy one". (George Orwell, eat your heart out.)

So what would Microsoft to reimburse those poor users who bought a 360 without HD-DVD capability? Buy them a new 360? Refund the difference? I don't think so. Most likely Microsoft will release an alternate version with HD-DVD functions at extra cost, much like they're offering the 'core' system right now.

You somehow think the 360's dual processor setup is superior to the PS3's? I'd really like to see the evidence to back this one up.

Also, the stuff Sony have come out with in this "console war" has been so idiotic, it makes me wonder if it's worth giving money to a company that employs idiots to handle PR.

A) several of those quotes were from Ken Kutaragi, not some PR bloke. He's a well-known idiot who likes to shoot his mouth off at every given opportunity.

B.) Sony aren't the only ones at it. Here's some of Microsoft's best:

"Working together we will turn thought leadership into market leadership" (George Orwell eat y...oh, we've done this one haven't we?)
"We will revolutionise the way people think about having fun" (damn, and there I thought games WERE fun!)
"It's a platform that no other company in this industry can even try to match" (oooo...aren't we confident?)
"It is our goal to reach one billion consumers" (hahahahHAHAHAHAHAH - I love their attempts to backtrack on this one even more)

And the creme de la creme...

"Think about the most absorbing experiences in your life. Like many people in the audience this evening I am a runner. There's that place that you can sometimes reach on a long run where you achieve a kind of perfect mind body equilibrium. It's been called the Zen of running. [In] the HD era we're going to deliver the Zen of gaming. Next generation games will provide unprecedented audio and visual experiences to create worlds that are beyond real and they will deliver storylines and gameplay so compelling that it will feel like living a lucid dream. The result is a state that you achieve a perfect mind-body equilibrium in the digital surroundings that you become completely immersed in the game itself. This controller becomes an extension of your body, it becomes the gateway to the Zen of gaming." (... :blink:)

Remember, this is all from one PR event. I wouldn't trust anything Sony or Microsoft are saying right now.