More donations through lottery

At which price would you buy a lottery ticket to fund preorders. Please select each price, at which

  • For 0.99 Euro / Dollar

    Votes: 6 27.3%
  • For 1.99 Euro / Dollar

    Votes: 7 31.8%
  • For 4.99 Euro / Dollar

    Votes: 6 27.3%
  • For 9.99 Euro / Dollar

    Votes: 9 40.9%
  • For 19.99 Euro / Dollar

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • For 29.99 Euro / Dollar

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I would not buy one (please post a reason)

    Votes: 7 31.8%

  • Total voters

I dislike lotteries and would rather just flat out donate.
For what its worth, I think this makes things more complicated, when we should be coming up with less complicated solutions.
Well, I would prefer donating over a lottery. I guess it would depend on the price and win ratio. However, most users who would be willing to donate by purchasing a ticket already have a pandora.. ..Having another one as a prize would be sort of useless, don't you think? In that light, promoting donation actually is better than hosting a raffle, unless most people are unlike me and would be much more likely to purchase a raffle ticket than they would be to donate.

All in all, in my opinion, I feel that the Open Pandora scene overall consists of such a userbase that this might not have even nearly as much gain than would be wanted. There are also large losses through payment services if there is a low price, not to mention the possibility of legal issues.
I believe that most people on this forum would donate or allready have (I must say to my shame that I did not donated yet). In this forum are mostly hackers, coders or enthusiasts. Lots of Pandora buyers are just costumers. "Normal" people who don't want to donate but would buy raffle tickets. Every time at christmas it is the same. Almost nobody gives the poor guy sitting in the cold a coin, but everybody tries to win the big teddybear for his/her kid.

Why is the price attractive:
Lots of people have a rebirth or a cc unit. The ghz is sweet. Or they have somebody who could get it great christmas present. Or sell it. Or give it to the kids, so they have a CC unit and won't touch the ghz unit anymore. Or the tv out cable sounds nice, lots of people want one. I think the prices are attractive. Or maybe use gcw zeros, they are popular and not very expensive I think.

The legal concerns are a problem. Best would be, if LINK hosts the stuff (trustworthy, US) and just buys 2 Pandoras + TV Out cable with carry case, with the lottery money from ED. The profit will be send to ED.

Edit: Maybe sell the raffle tickets in links store. So people who are just interessted in a Pandora can buy them. But just one per person, don't let people ruin themself!
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This is one of those questions where the short answer is 'no', and the long answer is 'hell no'.

To preorderers who haven't kept up with the situation this will look like a bunch of scammers trying to extract even more money from the gullible. Preorderers who know the problem and don't have a device yet will point out that their own lottery ticket which may or may not get them a pandora was a lot more expensive. I'll donate if and when I can, but this plan is a terrible idea, public-perception-wise.
If I happened to decide to donate one weekend and there was a lottery going on, it would buy one, but it would not make me any more inclined to donate more money.

And as Znirk stated, it wouldn't sound good outside this forum.

Now, I haven't donated yet, but I just had an idea; I'm probably going to be looking for some feedback on a project soon, and I though I might donate 1 or 2 € for every constructive reply or some such.