Wanna Be Wizard Is Now Available


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Sep 11, 2004
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I just received a message from A & B software (the creator of WBW):

This is Mr. A. in A&B Soft.

WBW is released today (27th Oct). but, this version uses Korean.

We have been preparing English version, but still can not find good translator. so, it will take some time to release English version.

Thanks for your concern (so I'm very happy).

Ahn Jang-cheon in A&B Soft, from Korea

My question was:

Hello A&B soft Team,

I am really looking forward to the release of WBW for GP32. But when will it be released? Will there be an english version?

Thank you
where and how is it available? Will it be available on JoyGP? as a boxed game, or do you have to order it straight from A & B software. What is the website for A&B Software?
Maybe Lethe could help translate since he is/did (not sure :) ) traslating ASR game. I think? :huh:
This certainly would be worthwhile to translate to english as well as all other Korean commercial games like ASR, Mill etc. This is especially true since there are probably more English speaking GP32 owners than Korean ones ;)
finally I can get wbw. I read the preview on gp32eu.com and I thought it looked pretty cool. B)
Wonderfully brilliant. At least, once someone offers to translate it to English, since I don't desperately want to buy a game in Korean. Come one Lethe, you know you want to :)

Once that's done however, there is a 100% chance of my buying this game. As long as its still available when I return from Nepal, since translating is a lengthy process, especially on RPGs, and based on that, there's no guarantee an Egnlish ver will be available before Jan 26th...
yea im up for it i guess. ill buy one soon as ive been looking at this game for a while

btw what is his e-mail? can he speak english?
Speaking of whats the story on ASR, sorry this is offtopic. I just didnt want to start anything new since lethe is around anyways.
You are right, but i just can't wait if it will take 2 or 3 months, I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!
But i won't buy it in korean if it is only available in box, like ASR.
ok i sent him an e-mail so i should be getting a reply soon.

with asr, i cant even begin translating because i cannot rip the text to translate it. ive tried hex editing but gave up after a week. so until someone can actually rip the text i cant trnaslate it.