Wanna Be Wizard Is Not Dead ;)


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Apr 9, 2003
According to korean website Gpzigi & Gp32Spain, the famous & awaited fantastic RPG Wanna Be Wizard will be released soon :)
The company A&B Soft who is currently working on the game have finaly conclude a contract with GAMEPARK in the end of last month. The developpement of the games continue since 1st July & it seems that we can hope for an official release "soon", which can be expected for the end of September / begining of October :)

Source :

official website :
diablo2 posted on Jul 3 2004 at 12:54 PM said:
will there be an english version
we unfortunatly don't know yet if there will be any english version, but we can hope :) even if I'm still waiting for ASR in english :(
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Max posted on Jul 3 2004 at 01:00 PM said:
Would be a solution to beg for an English version: webmaster@wbw.co.kr

Great that WBW is not dead... :) Unfortunately that Fatty shoot em up is.
Yeah great idea :)
The fact that they choose English as language for their main menu can make us hope that they consider one day to make an english version of their game, no??
lol ok I'm dreaming :p

And in my mind the most sad "dead project" will always be Goddess Saga ;(
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If it' true, good news indeed ! :)

Now if only GS could be in he same situation...
pocket posted on Jul 4 2004 at 04:47 PM said:
Now if only GS could be in he same situation...
Exactly!! I would love that they just say "Gamepark understand that our game rules & sign up with us, then we'll finish GSaga and bring this to you asap " :rolleyes:
lol I admit I usually go to see their website but it haven't move since sooooo long :(
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