Super Plusha Released!


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Mar 4, 2003
Yes - you read right! One of the best commercial GP32 games has now been released FOR FREE!

Thanks go out to Don Miguel from FaMe Soft for rereleasing it!

A little bear Plusha saves his fluffy friend Tukki and their land from aliens. You may collect or buy super items to become Super Plusha. But it isn't necessary. You have just freed your friends.


Game supports 6 languages: English, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish and German.
The game contains 6 LEVELS + 1 SECRET LEVEL. Each level contains up to 20 levels of a parallax background.
Some levels aren't linear. In the each level, there is a BOSS.


There are some flying lifts, buttons, switches, hidden triggers,
teleports, locks and other items.

You can collect CONES and throw then on your foes. You can crush
blocks with some skills / super items. Each super item adds you a super skill
(i.e. flying, crushing blocks, etc.).


You can buy some special items at Kuzya's spiffy shop.
If you have "Snake's Continue Token" then you can save your game.
It converts all your cones, tokens and super items into the money. Next time
you can start playing from the saved level.


The game time is more than 5 hours. (If you don't count SECRET LEVEL and EXTRA LEVELS)

Time to remove the dust from your GP32, I think :)

But the best is: The game might be eventually released on the GP2x. And the WIZ might see new games from FaMe Soft!

Download: Super Plusha FULL VERSION
Don Miguel said:
Please, read the game tips in "Plusha Readme.txt"
It's as hard as old school 8)
Never tips were so hard...
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Oh, this is brilliant :)
I even remember when this was firstly released - and now i can play it for free! time to grab my ol' GP32 with its 128MB SMC card and start playing this...
W00t! Go Don! Good to see a GP32 classic go freeware (mind you I already bought it, but now I can play it on any of my GP32's not just the one it was locked to :D)
Nice- Wonder how this compares to that herknights one.

Might bust out the old GP32.

Anyone remeber that thing seemed to have infinite potential?

Ahh, bygone days.
hitbyambulance said:
can't wait to see this on GP2X!
Better then "on SDL", so Windows Vista Users will be also happy
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Very nice! Though I always got the impression that it was more "one of the most high profile" than "one of the best" (most reviews seemed to be in the 7/10 range).

In any case, I'll try it out on my GP32 soon and see for myself what it is like. :)
Great news. Super Plusha was the best thing on JoyGP, in my opinion. Nice graphics, fun gameplay, and great music. Is there any way to get access to the game's soundtrack? I wish I still had my GP32...

Download the game (you know, it's free now!)

And rename all *.FMS files to *.MOD

listen them with WinAMP or any mod player 8)

PS :rolleyes:
The big part of the credits goes to music makers.
Almost every track has its own author...

most tracks are by Musicmen & GraF.

Soundmen, GraF (Levels Themes)
Tone (T-REX crew) (Game Over)
BOBBYB (Continue)
Warpmind de InzanE (Alien Theme)

Let's kick Quasist's butt: HEY MAN!! WHERE'S DA WIN32 / GP2x PORT? Duuuude~~~~
Don Miguel said:
Let's kick Quasist's butt: HEY MAN!! WHERE'S DA WIN32 / GP2x PORT? Duuuude~~~~
Hey yourself! I recieved source last sunday just before that week I were sent in school and burdened by heavy paperwork and creating didacting material and educational work plans for future five weeks, not to mention diagnostical work. First time I asked the Plusha's Source for port was early in summer/spring.
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