Wanna Be Wizard Is Now Available

I have no idea - but I'm going to try to find out.

I'll also try if there is some way of licensing the downloadable commercial games - as they can't be downloaded anymore anywhere...
Maybe I can offer them at gp32x.de...
finally did the english version of WBW has been released ? or a patch ?
maybe I can check how to edit WBW file to include the english translation.

I tried some times ago to hack mill for translation and I succeeded but as I don't speak korean I couldn't go farther. Now I'm back into gp32 again and I read here that lethe seems to be able to translate korean, so would it be possible If I can extract all the text from mill and if you could translate them ?
the only thing that will not be easy is that the text must fit in the original korean text space, but I think it can be done.


(sorry it's french text inserted here because I'm french ^^)
hm, i once started to translate herknights, didnt get very far through
would be nice if we could one day play our (legaly bought) wbw with spot on gp2x :)
I checked wanna be a wizard and it's like mill, all the text datas are in the executable, so modification is possible but will take a lot's of time and will have constraints.
and no patch possible, because the executable is encrypted, the only way is a decrypted version of the game in an fxe with the new english text.