Super Plusha Released!

I just gave it a quick try, you weren't kidding about the difficulty were you? ;)

I'm very impressed by the amount of things going on in the game, I forgot how much the GP32 is capable of. The graphics and music are top work too, I can't wait to really get into this, looks like a perfect fit for the coming winter holidays. :)

By the way, what was JoyGP, the virtual GP32 store? I heard that something similar will be available for the Wiz, will we see Super Plusha 2 on there?
2Quasist: I was kidding, dude ^_-. Evil Dragon convinced me to change my mind. He's damn right.

2Alex/: 60 Mhz... Just imagine.. it's just 60Mhz 8))))
If I remember it right, there were 2 online GP32 software shops: JoyGP and MegaGP.

Looks like %inte*d* has already stolen the great idea. (DSi / Wii shops)

Super Plusha 2 is close to RPG. I'd like to see SP2 ready. Anywhere.
Thanks! I will test it as soon as I figure out where my SMC reader is. :D
Don Miguel said:
2Alex/: 60 Mhz... Just imagine.. it's just 60Mhz 8))))
That's incredible :blink: What sdk did you use, the original GP one?
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Alex. said:
Don Miguel said:
2Alex/: 60 Mhz... Just imagine.. it's just 60Mhz 8))))
That's incredible :blink: What sdk did you use, the original GP one?

Don Miguel cannot answer because he stole this SDK somewhere...
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Oh, really? 8)

I used the mix of 2 versions of the official SDK.
In the last one there is a problem in the palette routines. It shifts the screen when I fadein/fadeout.

The missing functions were coded in asm. But some profiler tests have helped to replace them with C sources.
been playing for a while now. I like it. I like the music. I didn't think the game was all that difficult, just a lot of exploring.

I will give the game a proper review for my site once I get further into it. So far on the 3rd level.
I bought this game years ago for my GP32.

It was very impressive, with gorgeous 2D visuals. I still am amazed what Don can do by himself. Very talented.

Hope you consider making Pandora games.
Thanks, guys.
Actually, there were 3 graphic versions...
"3 skins" for the game setting
Tiles, Characters and Cartoonish Cut-Scenes...

The 1st version was very smooth and far from manga style...
Then 2nd version has been released (you can see it on the screenshots).
I hired some artist and they worked out my sketches and sprites.
The most sad fact, that there was the 3rd version for Plusha2. Nobody\s seen it yet. (*whisper* Castlevani%%%)
That time, we worked with most fameous artist Daniel Kuzmitchov (he's well known in Russian comics scene and game industry).

I'm going to release something spiffy after the port of the original Super Plusha.

Ok... here's the main game tip:
1) If you see an active KEY HOLE/ SWITCH / BUTTON
then don\t hesitate and press/open/pull it! It should open/activate next interactive element.

2) If you see some unusual crystal/mark on the floor, then it could be the start/end point of the elevator path.

3) Buy at Kuzya's SHOP "Magnify Glass" to see all hidden passages. It does help.

4) The 4th level is huge ~512x512 cells...or even wider.
Use pen / paper to mark all the keyholes, keys and buttons over the level...