Release VVVVVV for Pandora

He's not starting the pirate box... he's just repackaging an existing product in a new box. It's contentious because we're under the impression he wants a slice of the pie himself. #profit
Looks like the posts were deleted (rightfully so; I'm sure nobody wants one user's bad decisions to reflect on the Pandora). I think that's a good indication that it's time to stop talking about it.
I think they were merged into the bare-boned repo thread in the Beta section
He's not starting the pirate box... he's just repackaging an existing product in a new box. It's contentious because we're under the impression he wants a slice of the pie himself. #profit

I mentioned Angry Birds because I think the little guys should get the same respect that the big companies do. Just because some smaller developers may not have the resources to send a DMCA take-down does not make it right to unofficially redistribute their works.
Hi Picke,

Though this is minor, could you update the VVVVVV.pnd in the repo to set the default scaling to 1 instead of the default 2?

Defaulting to scaling 2 gives the false impression that the game is not as fast as in the demos.


The had:

cp -r --no-clobber default/* .

that glob misses .vvvvvv there, it should be:

cp -r --no-clobber default/.vvvvvv .

Fixing that, vvvvvv works well right away.

Also, your PXML preview and png names don't match. PXML uses vvvvvv-pvw.png and filename is actually vvvvvv_pvw.png.

Finally an option to use fullscreen would be awesome too. Maybe some thing like this that was recommended by someone to the scummvm porter.

if test -e iwantfullscreen.txt; then

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=omapdss

export SDL_OMAP_LAYER_SIZE=fullscreen


Edit: sorry, just realized using your unlock.vvv means using opengl and crashes with the omapdss.

I wonder, whats the protocol with modifying these pnd's for personal use. For example I preferred to use the sdl to make full screen then set x1 for the speed (added benefit of choosing x2 to slow it down for this slowpoke).

Still awesome game and wanted to thank you for getting this on the pandora.
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So will you buy copies of Angry Birds from Rovio and sell the AngryBirds.pnd?

Do you think that would be cool?

Yes, I will try to do that.

I will do it by means of a script at the user's computer if possible, to avoid further complaints.

And I will try to do the same with VVVVVV, apply my mods with a script at the user's computer.

Debian also does this with non-free software and kernel modules, so I guess it's okay dokey.

Now I will start to investigate portable scripting with TCC, which is one of the smallest compilers!

I'm not wishing to start up again in this thread, so please take it to this thread.
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VVVVVV just crashes on my Pandora every time I try and start it. :/ It loads.. Black screen appears. then back to desktop..
ah the reason was I copied the contents of the 'data' folder across.. just created a folder called 'data' then copied the files into it. works fine now.
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Finally i got my Pandora and give the VVVVVV port a try. Works very very good. Thank you pickle.
I dunno if that contains the level data or not. I can't find any candidate for it on github, and I remember it being a file or folder I just copied from my humblebundle version to my pandora version to make it work back in the day.

Even if it doesn't, it's still cool to get the latest version potentially, since the pandora version is quite old now, and this'll be cool to revisit on our Pyras.

Edit: Yes, I've looked in my pandora sd card backup, and the files there consist of wav files for sounds, a vvvvvvmusic.vvv file for music, *.vvvvvv files for level data and pngs for graphics. None of that in the github as far as I can tell, so I guess this doesn't add anything to the Pandora port other than a slightly updated engine.
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well thats neat he released it, i had given up asking him for the latest changes.
There are technically 2 version in the repo. Mine which your right is outdated and there was a commercial version by Notaz.
Notaz did some performance changes for his release, so i wonder if they made into this code.

But ill try and see if I can refresh my non-commerical pnd with a updated binary.