Release new bare-bones web repo / mirror

The real issue for me though is that Dredd's repo-mirror doesn't have any commenting system, and users that download from there can't see any comments or texts I've added (for resolving control issues, say).

yeah, I can see the worry there. I do intend to add such features (synced with the main repo) but have not got around to it yet. For me, the first step was "put the pnd files in a folder", and I'm continuing from there.

DREDD .. you're updating your mirror in a timely fashion I presume? ie: So if repo blows up one day, your mirror will be within a few days of current?

I'm updating it with a script, but running the script manually for the moment until I can be sure it's working, about once a day. It's up to date with the main repo at the moment.

I would add a tickbox to the upload form to declare if you're OK with redistribution or not ...

So we would have a "Free" and "Nonfree" section on the forum; they can both be mirrored if the mirrors are going to kept automatically synced

There's a difference "1. sharing to friends" and "2. copying on another site". I guess most freeware authors will be happy with #1 but not so much with #2. If we are to set up full mirrors, they should be up to date, and include full description and comments I suppose. I hope my site can become such a mirror if that's acceptable. I'm still working on it. I'd rather not encourage people to choose "don't share" by giving that question in a checkbox!

Giana's Return is freeware and should not be sold, regardless if you think your a good cause you collected a 'donation' for it.

Plus it still has the copyrighted material, which I asked VVVVVV to be removed.

Looks like your trying to do the same thing with gog titles with all the scummvm nonsense.

Based on this page:

Only concern I have with the mirroring is the state of the pnd's and if they are maintained and updated.

I'm not hosting it, I'm linking to it. My bundle includes a donation to GR team. It's not "buying" it, and I'll try to make that more clear.

At the moment, I am selling and gifting upsteam copies of VVVVVV, legally. I'm am still working on the best way to distribute my "mod" for VVVVVV.

Yes, I am planning to legally re-sell ScummVM games in the same way. I don't intend to host any software without permission. I don't enjoy your negative attitude.

Really the best solution is to provide tools to enable the use to setup pnd's for the pandora. For instance say i have a gog game installed in the default location, the script could copy the needed data to the specified location.

Something like this would be good for a title like gemrb and the baldurs gate which ive read is tricky to setup.

Yes, I'm working on this more difficult solution to appease the copyright pedants. The scripts will be freely available. Thanks for the suggestion to add new games.

I just have to ask what is that "aaa" pack about... :S

Is the plan to pass donations on to the respective devs, to OP or are you really letting people donate to you for a pack of other peoples' work...?

What do you think :S Do you have to assume the worst about me?

It was intended to be a parody of the "humble bundle", mine is the "arrogant bundle".

It is genuinely for sale, and any profits would go evenly to the upstream devs (including me).

It would be legal to sell such a pack of free software for profit, giving nothing to the upsteam devs, but I'm not doing that

I still find it kinda "meh".

I'm sorry about that.

yeah, don't worry, rage averted, lol! for a second I thought the whole repo was being packed up for a donation...

I am offering that too, free of charge, but perhaps I need to check the licenses. I really don't see that it makes any difference where we download this stuff, except to take a bit of load off from ED's server. People know where they can find the release notes, etc.

Exactly, scripting is the way to go. No one can touch you or complain if it's your (non-malicious of course) code. And what the code is doing is fair use. You will be invincible, I am sure of this.

You have my support in that regard, absolutely.
scripting is the way to go. No one can touch you or complain if it's your (non-malicious of course) code.

And what the code is doing is fair use. You will be invincible, I am sure of this.

I'll look at scripting the build for my modified VVVVVV PND. This is going to be quite a challenge for me!
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Take a look at 'slackbuilds' for slackware.. they take source code/binary files from free/non-free software and turn them into Slackware packages.

If you just start fresh... and make something called 'panbuilds' (or something) you could make scripts that take commercial games files and repackage them into pnds.
it should be easy just to create a bash script that extracts existing PND's using unsquashfs and then mess with the files locally i.e. move data files to correct directory then shqashfs command to repackage the PND, shouldnt be that heard really.
I think I will shut down this mirror, and just mirror the repo privately on my own computer.

This is due to a disagreement with the hosting provider.