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Dec 4, 2004
It happens every time. A new console releases, and you have a few different groups of stores. Stores like Gamestop, EB, who only have enough to cover the customers who reserved.

Then stores like Best Buy and Fry's, who didn't do presales and just have people lining up outside for first come first served.

Then you have the not-so-common places... places like Target or Blockbuster, that carry video games but not as any major part of their overall business. They rarely even get stuff on launch day. But you'll walk into one, not even thinking of buying the newest latest system, and suddenly you'll practically 'bump' into the section and see they have like 50 stacked up and you'll ask the clerk at the register who will tell you "oh yeah we've only sold like 3 so far". This will be right on launch day when everyone else is sold out and they're going on Ebay for 2-3x their normal price.

earlier this year it was the PSP... everyone sold out. But the day after launch day I happened into a local Sears dept. store in our local mall, and they had like 30 of them! No reserves, and no one even knew they had them. They had, as I quoted above, only sold three when I inquired.

So now I'm just wondering, for board members in the US, who has so far found the secret stashes of Xbox 360's? All the big stores are of course way sold out, except I did find one Toys R Us who still had some left.

Personally, I dont want one, not yet, but just wondering... I like to keep my eye on things no matter what, being as big into video games as I am, system launch days are almost like holidays for me :D
hahaha for get it dude The few people who really really want it that bad either have it already or are willing to wait the predicted 3 months wait time for their's to finally arrive at the local shop.

A co worker told me that he was told his preorder couldnt be filled until mid-january so he canceled it and bought World of Warcraft. Best buy claimed that they'd have a few units a week from here on out but when chains like them and Toys R Us only get about 10 systems per store then it's not likely there are many other places you can find it easily.

I passed by a store called Entertainment Outlet which had a sign in the window that said, xbox360 sold out. They had about 5 at most.
man my friend camped out at a best buy along with some other cats and got his this morning. it's with me for the rest of the week, though now :D
so far it's great. the dashboard is damn nice, and i'm loving xbox live arcade features.
yeah I saw them on Ebay for $900-3000...

I don't really want one anyways... nothing out for it yet that interests me, and it has really failed to impress me except for PGR which looks pretty nice.

I'm just betting there is some store out there that has them.

I mean come on... PSP's were a big deal when they launched, sold out everywhere for at least a month, and like I said, I stumbled into a hidden stash at Sears the day after launch.

I called that same sears... they did get 360s today but got very few of them and yeah were sold out. BUT, the guy told me that they sold their last one around 4-5pm. That means that from 11am opening to 5pm people could walk in and get them.

I called Blockbuster and the girl I talked to said they didn't sell out for a few hours after they opened.

people just don't expect them to be at some of these places.

I was talking to my friend at Gamestop, the store manager (I used to be a manager at a different Gamestop) and he told me that yeah they are being told there will be reuglar shipments but small ones. They still have presales to fill however so they are telling people there are none available until after the new year, but he THINKS there will be some available for non presale customers before Xmas.

Best Buy are saying the same thing... they are saying it's NOT gonna be the PS2 all over again. MS are really going crazy trying to get them out as fast as they can, so the shortage shouldn't be all that bad as it was for the PS2.

Much as I don't really want one right now, it's still hard not to be a bit excited... If it were for looks alone I'd buy one, I think they look pretty nice actually.

Can't wait til they hack the thing ;) :p
My mom went into Best Buy yesterday to get me a CD and she calmed down the people waiting in line for a 360. The manager saw her and he gave (still had to pay, but I think ya know what I mean) her a 360 that someone got pissed about that she didnt get the HDD. Thing is that its not ours. We're giving to my little brother's friend for Xmas.
yes, the system is gorgeous :D pgr3 is the only game i've played so far, and it is great looking. i'm having a bit of an issue with my vga adapter, though(1280x1024 mode, but PGR3 stretches images[i want borders] in race, but menu and geometry wars play perfect in borders..). it's apparently only an issue with pgr3 at the moment..
anyway, geometry wars 2 is really, really great. visuals and sound are mad!
one of my friends picked his up at shopko after waiting in line for only an hour. He says that there were a lot of people there when he got there, but they weren't waiting in the right place (there was a marked line) so he got 4th position in the line. Another friend of mine camped out at target. He got there at 7:00 pm and got his xbox 360 at 8:00am the next day. He was there with a bunch of college kids who were roasting hot dogs on a grill they brought :p
From what I've seen the launch sucks hard. PGR looks nice but really in this day and age what racing game dosent? Call of Duty 2 and NFS look nice but they're ports and half of the rest of the games are sports titles that don't even remotely show off anything "next gen".

I could care less about the 360 personally but as a gamer I'd say it's not worth going apeshit over at this point in time. When the system is more easily availible and there are better games out, maybe it'd be a more sensible purchase but right now it's frivolous.
eh well I'm not going crazy over it.

put it this way, I haven't called around, nor have I gone into a bunch of stores to check if they have it.

BUT, SHOULD I walk into a store any time soon and they just happen to have a premium pack sitting there, I WILL buy it.

You guys don't seem to even be thinking about some of the launch games.

kameo looks good and is getting good reviews, Perfect dark looks good and got GREAT reviews, and I almost wince when I admit this, but I really enjoyed Elder Scrolls: Morrow wind, and I think I would probably enjoy the 360 Elder Scrolls quite a bit.

For me... part of being a hardcore gamer is owning just about everything out there.

For the current generation... Xbox was always my least favorite compared to PS2 and GC, well if you don't count emu's on the Xbox because after I modded it it became easily the most played system in my house.

Of the next gen, 360 is the system that definately interests me the least, but as hardcore gamer, I'm lieng if I say I don't want to own one, even though there is hardly anything out right now for it that really appeals to me.
Thing is that its not ours. We're giving to my little brother's friend for Xmas.

Your giving a 360 to your brothers friend for Xmas?? mom waited in line for a 360....for my little brother's friend. My mom refuses to get one for us....we have "too many" systems. (we actually just sold most of them for a GP2X that Im still waiting for. Im getting a laptop Im not getting nother system until Shenmue 3 is in my hands.
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