To Goatee Or Not To Goatee?

Goatee or not?

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Got bored and shaved off my beard. I currently have a goatee :blink:

Will probably remove it later :p (although i do quite like it)
Javacat said:
Should I shave my beard into a goatee or completely remove it all?
Shave it all off. I cant believe you had a beard. I thought the only people who have beards or moustaches are our parents (or the lead singer of the Killers - how bad does that look!)

Still cant get over a beard ? Young people with beards just look strange
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Slight update :p

I had the Van Dyke for a few days and got a couple of bad reactions, but on the whole people loved it. I then shaved it off on Sunday (along with shaving back my sideburns) and I actually miss the Dyke :eek: I went into work for the first time today since removing it and people were saying that I should have kept it as it suited me :blink:

Anyway, shave tomorrow for a meeting I have then gonna see what I can come up with over the next week ;)
Be careful, hair topics are becoming as dangerous as political or religious ones 'round here! :ph34r:

I for one can't stand facial hair; it's itchy, makes my face too warm, and makes me look like a criminal.