To Goatee Or Not To Goatee?

Goatee or not?

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Need a pic first... For all we know you could be a woman and in that case completely off would be your best option...

Do Goatee then if you dont like it shave it off as if you shave it all off first you will have to wait untill it grows back to try a goatee :p
Guess I'll shave it off.

Also, I had thought of putting Goatse as an option on the survey, but I knew everyone would vote for that so I wouldn't get a proper answer :p
daclassicgamingmaster said:
people with goatees are gay usually*

*not based on actual studies

Sigged! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Just keep it and grow it really long, like a Viking warrior or a member of ZZ Top.

Unless you're short and/or really skinny, then you would just look weird.
goatees look really crappy on most people. Better shave it off or get huge sideburns...