There we go! (2012-02-28)


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May 28, 2003
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I know that the surprise will not arrive until the end of this week. I guess my unit will ship before that, so I probably won't get it. So be warned: that's what you get when you just can't wait :p

It's ok though, I think I can live without it.

I'll swear ED mentioned sending them on later if you want one.


Are we allowed to know if it is any of:

SD card

nice box

new instruction booklet


glow-in-the-dark keymat

some USB/ext accessory
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Mar 15, 2010
ED, any chance you can tell us what the plan for RMA fulfillment is? Will they be fulfilled in any specific ratio with new preorders and legacy preorders? Just curious as to when I should start stalking the mailman like a cheetah stalks a gazelle.

And in case its not clear, I am super stoked things have been going so well with the rebirth!

The RMAs I got here have mostly been done and will also be shipped within the next few days.

About 10 RMAs left to do which need new PCBs. Those will proceed next week.

This is for the ones that have been sent directly to me.

should I be worried about my lack of Pandora? according to track and trace you received mine January 25th with a defective shoulder button...