The Reality Of Getting Joe Public To Help Out


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Jan 26, 2008
Nottingham, UK
Yep, i'm sorry but this is another negative thread. Now, i love the idea of the whole community coming together right at the end of this project snd pitching in for the final stretch. It is the best way to summarise what this project is all about, and it sends a heart warming image out to anybody who may stumble on the device in the future. However, nice as it is in theory, the practice is insane. Here's why -

- people are clumsy and will make mistakes. Even with the best intention in the world, you will have people breaking shit left right and centre. This will cost you money.

- people are unreliable. You will spend more time training 'newcomers' up to fill the spot of someone who bailed than you would just doing it yourself.

- people are thieves. Yes, it's not a nice thought but you will have components stolen as 'souvenirs' by workers. Worse still, the more devious amongst us may consider raiding craigix house or the village hall for everything they have.

- people are angry. Dont forget the people who dropped out of this project already. A lot of them are bitter and angry. How hard would it be for them to find out where this hall is and take a match to it?

I'm on my phone, and this is as much as i can be arsed to write at the moment, but there are plenty of other reasons why this is an insane idea. I know it's negative and i know it'd be nice if we were all just in it together for the good of the project but in reality this is not how many people think. It would be a massive risk to even divulge the location of this village hall, never mind invite strangers there when it's filled with thousands of pounds worth of gear. Think about it please.
In my experience people are much better than for what you give them credit. This will all work out great. Of this I have no doubt! B)
You can be pretty sure that the only people who would actually offer to help are those competent enough to do it properly (For fear of breaking someones Pandora if they got it wrong!). If you can dismantle/re mantle a PSP and have it still work afterwards, you're probably OK to build a Pandora.
gibberish said:
- people are clumsy and will make mistakes.

- people are unreliable.

- people are thieves.

- people are angry.

Robots are defiantly the way to go.

They should just buy about 20 of these^^^

In all seriousness, I doubt they would have people off the street do anything that would easily damage the teams labor of love. They would just be the yes-men of the shop.


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I'm a talented young man and would like to help you OPT guys to assemble some sweet little pandies :cutie:
Now, where do I find your address?



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gibberish just wants you to be naked on the webcam while making pandoras...

im sure the people will be guided before being unleashed on real pandoras. if they dont cut the mustard they wont be working on pandas
Of course. Raid the Town Hall. Steal everything. Burn it down. Then leave a WIZ next to the scene of the crime. They'll think GPH did it. It's genius!
grasshoppir said:
ppl help eachother all the time without stealing or burning buildings down, out there in the real world
Also, Craig & co probably wouldn't mind an extra hand making coffee and recharging EvilBot. I mean, the assembly process is not the only thing that has to be done, packing stuff and generally helping out will help speed up things even if they are not doing the assembly that requires the steady hand of a surgeon.
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Well this just my opinion, formed from my own experience. In my life I have learned that when large sums of money are involved you can just about trust your family and close friends and that's it. I'd love to be proved otherwise from this project. If it actually went ahead and you took volunteers I'd love to be part of it - I just don't think it's a great idea overall that's all.
^ Well, those "large sums of money" are not really worth a dime in their current form. Anyone trying to steal that stuff and sell Pandoras on the black market would stand out like a sore thumb ;)
People are mostly trustworthy, especially if you watch them like a hawk (or, say, have them on live + recorded webcam).
I think it should be fine as long as people make a commitment for at least a week.
Any shorter and it would probably too much trouble training them and keeping track.
a week is alot to ask if your working full time

I can offer weekends, but would need someone to give us lift from derby and back

i have quite a bit of assembly, soldering experience, i worked for years running a manufacturing cell for a electronics contractor supplier
mali said:
^ Well, those "large sums of money" are not really worth a dime in their current form. Anyone trying to steal that stuff and sell Pandoras on the black market would stand out like a sore thumb ;)

LQQK - giant pile of Pandora components - open source handheld! fastest available! uk seller! L@@K

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Damn it he was right, I was hoping to break and steal as many Pandoras as I possibly could before Ed vulcan neck pinched me
->Ed's a Vulcan (?) - That explains the near perfect English in a 'fake' German accent.