Quality Control

I wish I knew what I did to fix my pandora... I was really confused when I opened the back and found no foam pads. There seems to be something off about the case, too. Opening/closing the case had a definite effect in the function of the L button. The lower edge of the screen also seems to bow outward.

I'm happy that my pandora is working now and that I don't have to send it back. I was a bit panicked when I posted the previous thread; I'm not comfortable opening or tweaking gadgets. I hope it keeps working :)
The lower edge of the screen also seems to bow outward.
This is a known issue, coused by a tiny bit of extra plasic. However it is not recccomended to try and fix this yourself, so the general consesnus seems to be 'live with it', unless it bothers you so much that you feel like sending in an RMA.
Well, good to know that I'm not alone in the bowing of the bottom edge issue... Maybe a "Known Issues" and their related fixes (or recommendation against fixing) should be added to the wiki? :D

This pandora is actually my husband's. We kept our earlier pre-order and that one will be mine once it arrives. Maybe some of these issues will be gone by then? If so, he will probably want that one :p .